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Let Bower Design & Construct nail your dream renovation

With overseas travel off the cards for the foreseeable, what better time to upgrade your home.


Known for high end, large scale construction, did you know Bower Design & Construct also lead the field in smaller scale projects? And, with international travel off the cards for who knows how long, what better time to sort out the kitchen/bathroom/outdoor area you’ve been putting to the back of your to-do list for, well, longer than you’d like to admit.

Adept at producing a space that works for you, no matter the budget, Bower Design & Construction are boundary-pushing in their approach to spaces small and large. Hardly a shock, considering the company was founded in the 1970’s by Robbie Bower, the first female builder in South Australia and renegade in her own right. In recent years her sons Piers, Josh and Jay have taken the reins. 

In the 70’s Robbie contended with backward patriarchal standards stunting her opportunities from the get-go; like tradies who refused to work with a woman, let alone take instructions from one. But it was her ability to run building projects like a pro that won them over, and she’s long been known as a formidable force in the industry. 

Fast forward 30+ years, and you’ll find Piers, Josh and Jay bring Robbie’s spirited wisdom to all their projects, valuing form and functionality above all else. This is especially true for their smaller projects, which require a clever hand to ensure each space works as hard as it can. Every element is thoughtful – undulating between minimal and bold – to capture the uniqueness of our collective lives.

Bower work with existing features, to accentuate the true character of your dwelling. Pokey rooms are lifted with clever lighting; period features like leadlight or sash windows feel brought into sharp focus; laminate seems cool again.

Building with intention and focus is at the heart of what Bower does. They play to their strengths and are well connected in the industry, meaning, if you need them, a locally-renowned team of architects and draftsmen is on hand too. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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