Let Chefs on Wheels cater your Christmas day

Forget self-catering this Christmas, let Chefs on Wheels do the hard yards

Chefs on Wheels — the Adelaide food delivery service which started when lockdown rules for hospitality came into play in March — like to work towards simple, achievable goals. They reckon, and we’re inclined to agree, that every meal enjoyed at home should be delicious.

But for the layman who spent lockdown feverishly pouring over Tartine Bread, baking sourdough loaf after sourdough loaf; working through Ottolenghi’s salad repitoire; and trying out Duncan Welgemoed’s lockdown spaghetti recipe, lockdown cooking fatigue is now a very real thing.

For everyone whose had it up to here with cooking, Chef’s on Wheels is on hand (and online) to help. By catering your Christmas dinner!

Sure, its traditional to gather the troops round the barbie, watch dad drink beer and burn the snags while he’s pelted with 40 degree sun rays. Or have mum get up at god-knows-what hour to chuck a bird in the oven, stress all day about it, only to have no one really eat much anyway.

Cauli and broc mac and cheese

Forget that. This year’s been nothing if not traditional, so try Chefs on Wheels’ Christmas menu on for size. They’re offering the following, chef-prepared dishes, delivered to your door like a Christmas present to yourself:

  • Gravlax salmon with baby blinis
  • Balsamic onion tarte tatin
  • Free range glazed Christmas ham kit
  • Turkey breast with cafe de Paris butter
  • The Ultimate Beef filet Wellington
  • Maple-glazed vegetables
  • Truffled cauliflower and broccoli mac
  • Twice cooked duck fat baby roast potatoes

If the whole family’s coming, order the lot. If it’s only going to be two of you, pick and choose a couple of things. Or order the lot. It really is up to you.

What a way to treat yourself and your loved ones this year, and with minimal effort!

Chefs on Wheels Christmas menu is available for delivery or click and collect from the 8th of December till the 24th. You can pre-order here. And you really should!

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