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Let The Revolution Begin, See It Tonight At 7.30pm

The revolution causing a storm across the nation, hits televisions tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.

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The revolution causing a storm across the nation, hits televisions tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.

Across Australia, more than 10,000 people have eaten in Restaurant Revolution’s pop-up restaurants in just 11 days!

But the question is who can turn their restaurant dream into a reality? Five teams from around Australia, all with an idea for a new restaurant, have been given the chance to live their dream. Can they turn their dream into a money-making reality?

If you haven’t heard, Restaurant Revolution is a new multi-night reality show which sees ordinary Australians charged with designing and running their own pop-up restaurant. The series offers a truly interactive experience for viewers who can dine in and sample the food, service and atmosphere for themselves, plus contribute their own review in the restaurant’s Feedback Booth.

Five pop-up restaurants have been craned into capital cities across Australia. The teams – of between one and four people – must transform their blank restaurant canvases into money-making successes. They need to design a restaurant from the ground up – everything from décor to menus to staffing – and then open their doors to the paying public.

More than a food competition, Restaurant Revolution is about which team can run a successful business. Each week, they’ll be judged by a team of experts, their customers and also on their profit margin. In the end, the best and most profitable restaurant of the series will win the grand prize of $200,000.

Restaurant Revolution is hosted by Adelaide-based chef and restaurateur Jock Zonfrillo. Industry experts Neil Perry, Jess Ho, Erez Gordon and John Lethlean will judge and mentor the teams.

Adelaide’s team is made up of chef siblings David, Asa, Reine and Anthony, and together they invite you to experience their restaurant 28 Street, Victoria Square

With three qualified chefs and a cook, could there be too many chefs in the South Australian kitchen spoiling the broth? The Donehue siblings put that theory to bed.

While there may be four of them constantly talking over each other, all it takes is a word from eldest brother David, 37, to get everyone back in line. He’s been their surrogate dad for long enough that these ‘kids’ – Reine, 29, Anthony, 28, and Asa, 26 – still listen.

“We get along so well,” explains David.

“We’ve worked together before, all three of us boys in the kitchen, and we understand the order in which we work. Anthony can be mucking around and Asa can be a little bit temperamental, but when push comes to shove and I say, ‘Guys we need to get this done’ then they’ll knuckle down and get it done.”

But it’s baby bro Asa who will command the troops in the kitchen.

“David has a lot more experience, but I’ve done more with food,” he explains.

Adds David: “Asa’s food is where I want to take it. I’ve always been in more of management positions in kitchens whereas Asa has been more involved with the food and is up with the trends. He’s more creative than I am and more artistic.”

And pumping out the volume is Anthony, who has a history as a head chef in mining towns where he has regularly served up buffet breakfasts for 1,000 people and managed weekly food budgets of $200,000.

They believe their experience budgeting within a kitchen will give them an edge.

“It’s paramount; you will not have a functioning kitchen that does not work within a budget,” says David.

For their restaurant they hope to recreate the last family house they all lived in together – a homely place where everyone will feel comfortable.

Make sure you tune in to see how the Adelaide team stacks up against the rest! We say, bring it on and go South Australia!

Where: Victoria Square
Cuisine: Modern Australian

Lunch: Wednesday to Sunday – 12pm to 4pm
Dinner: Wednesday to Saturday – 6pm to 11pm

If you visit the restaurant make sure to use the hashtag #RevoAdl

Restaurant Revolution screens 7.30pm tonight, tomorrow and Thursday on 7.

You can see the teams on interviewed on Sunrise here:

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