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Let’s get Adelaide musician Dino Jag’s hit track to #1 in the National AIR Charts

South Australian singer-songwriter Dino Jag’s killer funk pop-rock track has just rocketed into the AIR charts, entering at No. 10, and shooting up the charts to #2, only pipped by Kylie Minogue’s Magic.


Image by Sue Hedley

Dino Jag’s independent release “Can’t Keep Still” is giving the likes of Kylie Minogue, Sheppard and Vance Joy the nudge on the AIR (Australian Independent Music) charts. 

South Australian singer-songwriter Dino Jag’s killer funk pop-rock track has just rocketed into the AIR charts, entering at No. 10, and shooting up the charts to #2, only pipped by Kylie Minogue’s Magic. 

The track is showing itself to be the breakthrough hit of the Summer. 

Invigorating and fearlessly charming, Can’t Keep Still is an instant delight and a no brainer crowd pleaser. 

The spark for ‘Can’t Keep Still’ was ironically ignited by the 2020 bans on public venue dancing in Australia. Whilst recording the song during self-isolation in his home studio in Adelaide, Dino Jag put the call out to his supporters to send in some video footage of themselves getting their iso-groove on to a sneaky sample of the unreleased song for a bit of socially distanced fun.

“There’s been a lot of time for reflection of late, and in the thick of solitude I realised that the thing I was missing most about performing live was seeing the faces of my supporters in the crowd and feeling their energy as they lost
themselves in the music,” Jag says.

“I figured the next best thing would be to invite them to appear in the music video for my next release. Little did I know it was about to be the most joyful release experience I’ve ever had. The response to the song and video has been absolutely fantastic.”

“For me, staying at home in self-isolation has turned into an incredibly positive experience. Once I got over the initial shock of everything that was unfolding around us, and the instant collapse of the music & entertainment industry as we once knew it, I surrendered to the opportunity to reset my compass and focus on creating a new future which I am now very excited about.”

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s all still a little scary with all the lost income and uncertainty about where all this is heading, but somehow, I have faith that we will all find our feet again and discover new ways to appreciate and enjoy life.”

It was initially released as an exclusive ‘Facebook only’ Music Video as a gift to Dino Jag’s fans (affectionately known as Jagsters).

“What really makes this release special for me is that the music video also features some of my awesome supporters from around Australia and overseas. These people filmed themselves on their phones during self-isolation and social distancing “gettin’ it on” to my song. Proof that we can still find ways to enjoy and share music together,” he says.

“I recorded, mixed and produced every aspect of the song myself in my home studio during self-isolation. Social distancing was a key factor, so each musician came in at separate times to work with me on recording their parts. I even produced the video, something I’ve never done, what a learning curve that was.”

It immediately blew up with over 200k views and calls to make the song available for release. In response to the public demand ‘Can’t Keep Still’ is now officially released through all major online retailers and streaming services.

“I was receiving so many comments and private messages from people asking me where can they buy it? Where can they stream it? It was quite overwhelming. I had no idea it was going to resonate with so many people on that level, so I had to think about how to get it out there,” he says.

“Having the right people around me and having had plenty of experience in releasing music meant I was able to get it happening pretty quickly. So in just over a month it’s gone from a great idea to bring people together and a way to stay connected to this whole big “thing” and I couldn’t be happier. As they say, “give the people what they want”. The song became bigger than all of us.”

Dino Jag’s hugely popular hit is currently at no.2 on the AIR charts, and fans can get this feel-good hit to no.1 by purchasing and streaming ‘Can’t Keep Still at http://bit.ly/iTunes-DinoJag.

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