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Level One Continues To Break New Ground On Dining Scene

How? Well say hello to Adelaide’s most exclusive steak dinner experience…

Level One. Electra House’s take on Asian Fusion cuisine come food theatre. This restaurant has only been open for a few months and is already making waves as the hospitality geniuses behind it continue to push the boundaries. And now they introduce something so exclusive and oh so mouthwatering that we just couldn’t wait to share…

Having already experienced what this place has to offer (see our review here), it is fair to say that these guys know food. More than that they live food. Chef Satoshi Kikuchi has a passion for using the best ingredients which he will most definitely be doing in his latest venture. Introducing Adelaide’s Most Exclusive Steak Dinner.

Wagyu Beef

Now we know what you might be thinking. Steak dinner? That doesn’t sound very exclusive, more pedestrian if anything. Well this is no ordinary steak because Kikuchi has gone and sourced exclusive Master Kobe Beef directly from Japan. Now for the steak novices out there (we would include ourselves in that category) here are a few things you might want to know about Master Kobe:

  • It has a marble rating of 9 – 12 with 12 being the highest and only ever achieved in Japan (more marbling means more flavour, tenderness and juicy beef goodness)
  • It is the best beef that money can buy and the world’s best chefs who demand only the finest quality ingredients use this Wagyu
  • It comes from only full blood and pure bred Wagyu cattle

And Wagyu beef education over.

The dinner will be limited to 12 spots (how’s that for exclusive) and will see the beef served with traditional condiments, delicious sides and unique back vintage wines from Petaluma Winery. Speaking of wine, it makes sense then that Andrew Hardy, who just happens to be Petaluma’s senior winemaker, will be hosting the evening. Word is that they will even be serving up a 1996 Coonawarra in Jeroboam (3L) form. That’s a lot of delicious wine…

With a kitchen that prides itself on using seasonal produce with theatre playing a big part of your overall dining experience, we just know that this is going to be special.

But the news gets even better. This will become a regular on the Electra House event calendar as they plan to host these dinners one Wednesday night each month.

Adelaide’s Most Exclusive Steak Dinner

Where: Level One, Electra House
When: Wednesday 27 April
Cost: $400 per person

Make sure you contact Electra House to book your spot.

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