Level One’s Winter Menu Is The Pinnacle Of Curated Dining

This Winter, Level One Restaurant has… levelled up with their new Asian fusion menu.


Three levels and several tiers of service, Electra House Hotel is a perfect example of how dynamic the food and beverage scene can be.

After years of emptiness, the once derelict Electra House is now associated with prominent industry figures like Chad Hanson and head chef Josh Kim at the helm of dining and drinking at Level One Restaurant.

This season, Level One Restaurant has… levelled up, per se, with their Asian fusion winter menu. A range of new and old share plates on offer, most notably unique with the insight and history that each dish possesses.

Starting with South Australian Kingfish Sashimi in nori wrap and gochuchang dressing. It’s a dish that is traditionally served during Summer on a bed of ice to keep the fish as fresh as possible.

However, with a stormy evening in Adelaide, Josh’s team decided to opt out of the ice and go heavier with the sauce. A sauce that is so spectacular that patrons will keep it on the table to dip everything in it (and potentially drink it later on).

Dishes like the Scallops Huea, served wasabi salt and fresh horseradish, are perfect examples of how Level One prizes the utmost freshness in produce. The Japanese scallops are frozen immediately upon capture and only defrosted when they hit their kitchen.

There’s a heightened display of refined cooking, but it’s still cooking that has close ties to Josh’s childhood. The grilled asparagus with Boston bay mussels is the perfect example as it harkens back to Josh’s childhood where his mother would chop up the mussels and incorporate them into food so he’d become familiar with the flavours. Today’s iteration is delicious (obviously) but also elegant.

The menu is so well curated, each dish flowing on from the next with an emphasis on sharing makes the dining experience at Level One… one to cherish.

With staff that are familiar with every detail behind the dishes and a restaurant that manages to fill despite a storm rolling through the city, Level One’s winter menu further proves how accessible fine dining in Adelaide can be.

Basically every dietary requirement taken care of too so this is one restaurant where share plates are to be shared by all. Level One is open from 5pm-10pm for dinner, Tuesday to Saturday.

You will find Level One Restaurant and Electra House at 131 King William St, Adelaide.

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