Lichtbilder (Light-pictures) by Frank Bauer and Piel (Skin) paintings by Aldo Iacobelli

Lichtbilder (Light-Pictures) By Frank Bauer And Piel (Skin) Paintings By Aldo Iacobelli

BMGArt presents an exhibition of works by renowned metalsmith Frank Bauer, along with paintings by Aldo Iacobelli, one of Australia’s most distinctive artists.




Lichtbild #049 by Frank Bauer
Lichtbild #049 by Frank Bauer

In August 2015, BMGArt presents a dynamic exhibition of works by internationally renowned lighting designer and metalsmith Frank Bauer, in conjunction with large-scale paintings by Aldo Iacobelli, one of Australia’s most distinctive artists. The exhibition, entitled Lichtbilder (Light-pictures) and Piel (Skin), will be opened by Diana Laidlaw on Friday 21 August at 6.00pm.

German-born Frank Bauer is well known for his precise and innovative design work, which ranges from silver, Bauhaus-inspired objects to larger scale, kinetic light sculptures, which he perceives as evocative pictures in light.

Bauer challenges the reality of the physical environment through his architectonic lighting sculptures, composed as a picture made of light.” – Robert Reason, 21st Century Modern, Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art.

Lichtbilder showcases thirty refined objects including wall-mounted lighting compositions, light columns, table lamps and a hand-raised and textured, silver tea set.

Referencing the importance of the bull in Spanish culture, Iacobelli’s six large paintings are part of a series of twelve works, completed soon after he and his family moved to Spain in 1995. Not intended as a critical commentary on the culture of bull fighting, it is Iacobelli’s ongoing interest in surface and pattern, which is reflected in Piel’s simulation of the hides of fighting bulls.

Working from Adelaide-based studios, both Bauer and Iacobelli, who first met at BMGArt in 2002, have trained, worked and taught overseas, interstate and in Adelaide. Their work is represented in private collections and museums and galleries throughout Australia, Europe and United States.

Lichtbilder (Light-pictures) by Frank Bauer and

Piel (Skin) paintings by Aldo Iacobelli

21 August to 12 September 2015

444 South Road, Marleston,
South Australia 5033.

Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Friday 11.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm


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