Lights Out For Holdfast Bay

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The City of Holdfast Bay is throwing its support behind Earth Hour – an annual event coordinated by WWF-Australia to raise awareness of climate change.

The campaign aims to encourage councils, households, schools, businesses and organisations to take practical everyday steps to reduce their environmental footprint.
Along with millions of others around the globe, the City of Holdfast Bay will ‘power down’ for one hour on Saturday March 27 at 8:30pm by turning off non-essential lighting and machines, and unplugging appliances at the power point. Mayor of the City of Holdfast Bay, Ken Rollond said the simple act of turning lights off sends a powerful message. “If individuals take small steps, collectively we can make a huge difference in reducing our carbon footprint.”

Whilst turning off lights and other electronic appliances during Earth Hour is a great first step, the idea is to make a commitment beyond the hour. By making some simple and inexpensive changes in the home or business we can encourage our community to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when more than 2 million people turned off their lights. Since then participation has grown progressively around the world. In 2009 numbers swelled to hundreds of millions as 4189 cities, in 88 countries as well as many of the world’s best known landmarks took part.

WWF is asking everyone to make one Earth Hour resolution to reduce their impact – or ‘footprint’ – on the planet on an ongoing basis. Measure yours via the footprint calculator and get more information at

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