Lights, VR, Action: New sci-fi inspired games arcade Paradigm Zone to open in CBD

Take a look inside what Adelaide’s new gaming arcade Paradigm Zone will look like when it opens later this year.

Adelaide is set to get a new entertainment hub called Paradigm Zone which will be a fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional arcade charm. Set to open this August, the venue its dubs as ‘Adelaide’s most exhilarating games arcade’ will open in Gawler Place.

“We’re featuring a lot of games here that Australia hasn’t seen before,” owner Tommy says.

Spanning approximately 40-50 square metres, the arcade’s main attraction is its interactive light grid floor, where people can engage in games accommodating 2 to 8 players. Tommy describes the innovative “Light Matrix” game as a fusion of fun and fitness, with the floor lighting up throughout.

The venue will soon invite people to try out the its prototype “Prize Game,” featuring 10 challenging levels with escalating rewards. Tommy emphasises the competitiveness it brings, with players vying to reach higher levels for better prizes.

“It’s a simpler version of the real Light Matrix game for people to try out before we open [in August],” Tommy says.

There will also be a virtual reality (VR) experience with headsets featuring rollercoaster simulations and multiplayer shooting and music games. Tommy says they will have a similar vibe to super popular Fruit Ninja (a game where players must slice the fruit thrown into the air by swiping he device’s touch screen) and Beat Saber (a rhythm game where you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you).

Complementing the immersive gaming experience are traditional arcade favourites such as claw machines and basketball games. Upstairs, a chill-out area will await, complete with karaoke booths and photo booths, alongside an eating area offering Acai bowls and frozen yogurt.

The space is designed to have a futuristic sci-fi ambiance, with neon lighting, chrome interiors, robot-esque figures and hanging planets to fit in with the ‘space’ theming. Set in Gawler Place, Tommy says its strategic location offers convenient foot traffic while remaining close to Rundle Mall.

Reflecting on Adelaide’s gaming landscape, Tommy sees Paradigm Zones as filling a void for unique entertainment experiences.

Drawing from his international travels, particularly in China and America, he notes the prevalence of such attractions overseas and aims to replicate their success locally.

“I feel there’s a lack of this kind of technology in Adelaide… So, I’m excited to bring something different that’s not bowling or just arcade games to the city. There’s so many people out there who are really interested in this sector,” Tommy says.

“It will be great for families and teenagers, other than serving its purpose of pure gaming, it wil also be a place where people can come and grab acai and chill as well.”

Paradigm Zone
Where: 58 Gawler Place, Adelaide
When: Set to open in August
More info: @paradigmzone

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