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Lightsview Welcomes New Zero Waste Eatery, Ikigai

A new and entirely zero waste eatery has made its home in the burgeoning suburb of Lightsview.

Images courtesy of Ikigai Coffee Shop and Conscious Eatery

The newest resident of the burgeoning suburb of Lightsview, Ikigai Coffee Shop and Conscious Eatery opened its doors a mere three days ago.

Ikigai (pronounced i-key-guy-e) is a Japanese concept that translates to “a reason for being.”

It’s a sentiment that owners Dylan and Stephanie have imbued into the eatery’s identity.

The duo are committed to sending absolutely nothing to landfill, and by creating a space where customers can indulge guilt free, their collective actions won’t harm the environment.

The 100 seater cafe was empty for a period due to COVID-19 venue restrictions, however, they still opened and operated on a purely takeaway basis.

“It’s proven harder than we thought to find compostable products that don’t come wrapped in plastic,” the duo says.

The extra time Ikigai has had since restrictions were imposed proved to be a blessing in disguise as it helped Dylan and Stephanie go completely zero waste.

The focus is also on supporting like-minded local businesses in a time where it’s most imperative, from the handmade ceramic plates, to the fresh seasonal produce they use in their kitchens.

Their no-waste establishment sorts all organic scraps will into chook food, home compost, and commercial compost.

This premium green waste will also be free for customers to collect, all you have to do is contact Ikigai and registering your interest.

Customers can also collect used coffee grinds, the remainder of which will be kept to make soaps along with any milk wastage by Reviresco Natural Soap.

Dylan and Stephanie have endeavoured to align with companies and brands that share their vision for Ikigai.

The bonus has been that many of these businesses have agreed to support them with compostable or reusable packaging and other green alternatives.

The menu is a clear product of their sustainable efforts with a range that caters for dietaries far and wide.

Organic and zero waste catering will also be available for any occasion.

With a build-your-own brekkie/brunch section, the menu is evidently dependent on seasonal produce so their specials board is going to be a regular standout.

If you’d rather pair your meal with some wine instead of coffee or a freshly made juice, have a look over their wine list which features some pretty niche additions; think a Gewurtztraminer, Marsanne, Viognier blend.

For regulars, it might be a good idea to opt for their glass takeaway coffee cups and meal containers, that Ikigai will provide through a return system.

You can also purchase your own Ikigai cups and containers – making things even simpler. Any purchased cup comes with a coffee on the house.

And for those looking for a healthier lifestyle change, Ikigai is located next to a state-of-the-art gym, Fitness Factory Health Clubs.

The two businesses will also be offering a combined service where Ikigai will offer healthy meal plans including a consultation with a local nutritionist that is paired with your fitness regime.

You can find Ikigai at 191-193 Hampstead Rd, Lightsview.

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