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Limber up with lambs! Ewe’ll love this Pilates experience

Meet Charlie and Lola, two adorable lambs bringing therapeutic zen to Strathalbyn’s Lily and Squirrel Pilates Studio.

Two orphan lambs named Charlie and Lola have been introduced to the Pilates classes in Strathalbyn’s Lily and Squirrel Pilates Studio, and they’re not a novelty act. The studio, renowned for its holistic approach to health and wellness, believes that the presence of these gentle animals can significantly enhance the mental well-being of its participants.

If you’re imagining lambs wrangling a reformer machine or being used as weights… don’t. These little cuties are purely there to bring some zen and baa-lance.

“The addition of Charlie and Lola to our sessions is not just about injecting some cuteness into the mix; it’s about enhancing the therapeutic benefits of Pilates by incorporating the calming influence of animals,” adds Stacey. “The response so far has been an overwhelmingly positive one. It will definitely be a practice that will be here to stay”.

Charlie and Lola were relocated from a local farm after being orphaned this lambing season. They have since become an integral part of the studio, providing emotional support and an inviting, playful atmosphere that enhances the overall Pilates experience.

“It’s heartwarming to see our members connect with Charlie and Lola. The lambs have an incredible ability to boost moods and create a playful, nurturing atmosphere,” says Stacey.

As much as we’d love to retain the gentle cuteness of lambs forever, nature insists that they must grow into adults. What happens then? Stacey was very quick to reassure Glam Adelaide that her lambs will continue to remain in her steadfast care.

“We have a five-acre hobby farm upon which we care for goats, pigs and chickens. We only recently added a rescue dog to our family as well. I’m a bit of a sucker for animals. So, when my friend contacted me to ask if I was interested in adopting some orphan lambs, the answer was an immediate ‘yes’. Our animals remain with us for the rest of their lives; none of them are eaten!”

Charlie and Lola are still very young, but not for long. Once they’re older and no longer suited to hanging around the Pilates studio, this unique offering will be replaced with other innovative approaches to integrating wellness and animal companionship into their studio sessions.

“Charlie is around four or five weeks old and now seven kilos. He’s growing fast and will move out to live on the land when he’s around 10 weeks old. Lola is around the same stage as Charlie. So, we’ve got a few more weeks of them being beautiful lambs.”

This pet-friendly policy extends beyond lambs; the studio also encourages members to bring their dogs to classes. This initiative aligns with the studio’s philosophy that good health involves physical fitness and emotional and mental well-being.

“It’s not uncommon for attendees to bring their dogs to join the fun.”

When I asked Stacey if her customers’ dogs were allowed to share the same space with the lambs, she clarified that while her customers’ dogs are always vetted for calm and sociable temperaments, they don’t join in on the lamb-focused pilates classes. However, one very special doggo is allowed to share their space, and that’s her rescue dog, “…who is happy to sit in his bed, while the lambs sit in their bed.”

Adding lambs to the Pilates sessions at Lily and Squirrel is part of a growing trend of incorporating animals into wellness activities. Known for their calming effects, animals can reduce stress and increase happiness and satisfaction.

To book yourself in for a lovely lamb-loving Pilates session, check out Lily and Squirrel’s website and keep an eye on their Facebook or Instagram.

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