Listen To The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra In Absolute Darkness

This rare concert experience allows you to listen to the prolific Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in absolute darkness and “silence”.


The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra has created a unique concert experience like no other.

Embracing the notion of mindfulness on the International Day of Yoga (which also happens to fall on Winter Solstice this year), ‘Silence’ is a combination of both meditation and orchestra. Oh, and it is performed in the dark.

The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra say it is a completely new concept for them and is based on the concept that there is an oft-overlooked 13th note in the musical alphabet: silence.

It is said to feature soothing and calming music where the audience can lay on yoga mats or be seated to enjoy the 60-minute event that has no interval or applause. This is a rare opportunity to leave behind your stresses for a night of pure relaxation.

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Managing Director, Vincent Ciccarello says, “We’re creating an oasis of tranquillity here in Grainger Studio, a beautiful atmosphere in which to quietly sit or stretch, exhale and take in some gloriously peaceful sounds.”

Rainer Jozeps, who devised the concert, says “the music itself becomes the object of meditation.”

The night will be conducted by David Sharp and includes music from Samuel Barber, Edward Elgar, Max Richter, Arvo Part and John Cage.

Silence with ASO is on Friday, June 21 at Grainger Studio.
Tickets starting from $50 can be purchased at

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