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Little Bang Unveils Haze of Thunder Beer

Could this be 2020’s official merch?


The good folks over at Little Bang Brewing Co know how to have fun with beer. From their rich, fruity and roasty hop bomb Scratchy Vinyl to their citrus super sour Face Inverter, and imperial stout Sludgebeast, the brews push the boundaries of craft beer. The names, branding, design, and most importantly, the beer, are all incredibly unique – and bloody fantastic.

So when Little Bang decided to grab all the strangeness of 2020 and funnel it into a can, Haze of Thunder was born.

They launched the collector’s item on Facebook at the end of last week with the following annoncement:

NEW BEER ALERT: It’s been a stupid year so far, so let’s do something stupid. Let’s take a recipe with a ridiculous amount of hops and double it. Double the booze too, hella yeah, why not? Let’s take this epic load of Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy to juice town, trend-setters, from the comfort of our own bomb shelters. Do we need a fashion statement when the whole planet is going loco? Did we ever? Will there be any fashion left when we venture outside again? Whatever the answer, these guys have no idea what to do with it, but they’ll sure as hell drink beer and look at it. From a distance. Stay safe, lunatics!

If 2020 had merch, we’re pretty sure this beer would be it.

Grab some at Little Bang Brewing Co. Brewery and Taproom, 25 Henry Street, Stepney.

Current COVID-19 Open Hours:

Tap Room

Thursday 5pm to 10pm
Friday 3pm to 10pm (Kitchen from 5pm)
Saturday 12pm to 10pm
Sunday 12pm to 6pm

​Bottle Shop (in addition to above hours)

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

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