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Little Death Club Is Bringing This Gin-Soaked Cabaret To Fringe

There’s only one woman who can make you laugh, feel entertained and seduce you all in one show. Her name is Bernie Dieter, and her kabarett show Little Death Club, is coming this year to the Fringe.

(Just a heads up, this is not a typo of cabaret. Kabarett is a wacky, satirised version of cabaret developed in 19th century France that delves into politics, cynicism and irony. The perfect guilty pleasure).

Little Death Club has made it big at the Ediburgh Fringe 2018 and this year, the Spiegeltent at Gluttony is proud to host the hilariously inappropriate show that will mix circus with sideshow.

This provocative, pull-out-the-stops showcase sees Bernie stunning everyone with her gin-soaked lascivious charm accompanied by her live Weimar punk jazz band with an all original soundtrack.

Having travelled from Berlin to Hong Kong, Bernie’s troupe of colourful performers include a seven-foot drag queen (Gingzilla) on the bar, a gender-bending contortionist (Beau Sargent), a morose showgirl (Leah Shelton) and a dancing bearded lady (Kitty Bang Bang). One could only witness this to see how much it resembles a David Lynch feature à la Twin Peaks.

Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club is at Gluttony from the February 15 to March 17. To catch this fourth wall-breaking extravaganza, head here to get your tickets.

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