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Little Lattes Launch

An online guide to the best child friendly cafes and restaurants in Adelaide…


Little-LattessmLaunched this month ‘Little Lattes’ – Adelaide’s first online guide to child-friendly cafes and restaurants – is a must visit site for parents with children 12 and under.  With over twenty fantastic, family friendly venues in and around Adelaide, the ‘What’s On’ section, and a ‘child friendly holidays in SA’ section are continually being updated.

The site was created by two Adelaide mums, Sarah Ball and Sarah Page, who both realised they didn’t want to return to their corporate jobs after having children. “It wasn’t because we’d suddenly turned into stay-at-home mums – quite the opposite, in fact,” Sarah says. “It was just that most places we met for a coffee or lunch weren’t set up for young children, even though they claimed they were child-friendly.”

Armed with the idea of creating an informative website for Adelaide parents they set off – kids in tow – around Adelaide to do some market research.  Using a checklist to review each cafe or restaurant on items such as the provision of toys or books, high-chairs, kids’ menus, and change facilities.

The two mums found many fabulous places for families and friends to enjoy social outings which they could include their children in. “It’s not all about the children, however. These places are good for the parents as well,” Sarah claims. “It’s nice to be able to sit back and have a glass of wine, and if the children are happy, so are we.”

If you love catching up for coffee. If you love eating out with friends. If you’re a parent in Adelaide is well worth a look.

“We’re really excited about Little Lattes,” Sarah exclaims. “We will be adding new venues regularly. We see Little Lattes as an interactive resource, and would love people’s feedback and recommendations – the more information, the better.”

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