Behold The Epic Cider Cheese

Behold The Epic Cider Cheese

Lobo Cider and Section 28 Cheeses have collaborated to release ‘Il Lupo’ – a cheese that’s washed in cider.


Cider and cheese are two of life’s greatest pleasures, so combining them sounds like a match made in heaven, right?!

Well Lobo Cider and Section 28 Cheeses have done just that – partnering to make a cheese that is literally washed in cider. Umm, YES!

The idea came about when Adelaide Hills cheese maker Kym Masters from 28 Section Cheeses had the launch party for his company in November 2015. As part of the launch, they wanted to highlight local producers who manufactured high quality and innovative products, so they asked Lobo Cider if they wanted to be a part of it, and they did.

There happened to be a case of the Lobo Cider leftover at the end of the party, and Kym was inspired to follow in the footsteps of the Europeans – where the local winemakers and cheese makers collaborate to make a traditional, unique cheese. And that’s where the cider-washed cheese was born.

“I tried a bit of the cider I had with one of our alpine semi-soft cheeses and it worked remarkably well,” Kym tells Glam Adelaide.

So how is it made?

The unique cheese – called ‘Il Lupo’ which means ‘The Wolf’ in Italian is made using pasteurised cow’s milk and vegetable rennet, and is bathed in Lobo Norman cider, before being aged for 40 days. Being washed in the bath, creates the distinctive, sticky, cider-soaked rind.

“We use cultures that highlight the quality of milk that are then cooked and pressed as pate to make the cheese. We then give the cheese a bath in the cider overnight. Every three days for 40 days we wash and turn the cheese, and in the wash we use the Lobo Cider,” he continues.

“The cider gives it a real distinct fruitiness and well-rounded finish.”

We’re drooling just thinking about it.

Section 28 Cheeses won a silver medal in the Washed Rind Cheese Category at the 2016 SA Dairy Awards for Il Lupo, and we can see why!

Section 28 Il Lupo ranges between $60-$65 a kilo, and is available at The Smelly Cheese Shop and Say Cheese in the Adelaide Central Market, as well as at Frewville Foodland.

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