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LOBO Cider Launch Apple Brandy That’s Sure To Blow Your Mind

Three years in the making and the pinnacle of their range, Lobo Cider’s newly launched Apple Brandy is crying out for you to taste it.

If you’re anything like us, you just love it when a brand you already love comes out with something new, that’s why we were so pumped when Lobo Cider launched their new ‘Lobodos Apple Brandy’ on May 6. While it will be a part of their permanent line, it is a small release, which means if you want to taste some of this first batch you better get your butts out there.

Three years in the making and distilled at local Tin Shed Distilling Co, the bruised and ripe apple notes with a complex yet subtle balance of harmonious flavours are a treat for any brandy lover. Aged in an oak barrel and inspired by the calvados of the French cider region of Normandy, Apple Grower Michael Stafford says that it’s the pinnacle of everything Lobo Cider has been doing to this point. Concentrating the cider to the essence of the product, he says, feels like a culmination of years of making cider, the last full stop in their journey.

The bottle design was commissioned by their designer, Influx Creative, who engaged a Valencia-based Spanish artist Mar Hernandez to partly imagine the product through the poem of The Song of Wandering Aengus by Yeats, which is full of metaphors of seeking the elusive utopia through life and love. Stafford references the golden apples present throughout mythology as a ‘fruit of the Gods’, as an inspiration for the golden liquor they’ve distilled.

As a side product to the brandy, Stafford says they’ve also made an Apple Schnapps, which they began with before they started making the brandy. Always having been interested in spirits, this is their chance to join their friends from Europe, who distill and grow their own spirits in their sheds.

Fantastic with cheese and a great finish to any meal, Lobodos Apple Brandy is all hand labelled, batch numbered and barrel numbered. With more barrels to follow as they reach the maturing age, you’ll be able to enjoy the brandy from top-end bars around Adelaide and independent liquor stores such as East End Cellars, Belair Fine Wine and Goodwood Cellars, or you can check their website to see where you may find it in your location.

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