LOBO Throws Local Designers To Their Wolves

LOBO Throws Local Designers To Their Wolves

We love seeing all kinds of artists and brands working together to establish and support South Australian businesses!


Cider. Wolves. Local designers. How do these seemingly unconnected things go together? No, we’re not trying to tell you some terrible joke, there’s actually an unexpectedly quirky story about all three to entertain you a little bit this afternoon.

Crafted in the Adelaide Hills by a fifth generation apple grower teamed with a Somerset Cider Maker, the ultimate summer cider, LOBO, is in fact unique in more than ways in one. Not only have they recently began a ‘cider renaissance’ with their Lobodos Apple Brandy cider, but they have also put time and effort into giving each of their ciders a distinct personality – and you may not have even realised it until now.

This is where the mysterious wolf we mentioned before becomes more relevant. You might already know that the word ‘lobo’ means wolf in Spanish and Portuguese, but did you know it’s also a rare variety of apple? Thanks to this very convenient word association, owners Michael Stafford and Warwick Billings found a perfect fit between wolves and their apple cider, confirming to them that adding wolves to each of their labels, which you may have already seen, would be the right branding.

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no! We’ve spoken about the wolves and the cider, but we haven’t told you how the local designers tie into the whole package yet. Well, you may have looked at Lobo’s bottles and thought, ‘Wow, these are so unique’, and in fact, they are. With each label and wolf being designed by a different artist to embody the characteristics of the drink itself, these labels only add to the eccentricity of the brand as a whole.

Lobo Norman is made in more of a European style, using their traditional English cider apple varieties. The cider apples bring tanin and structure, along with more complex apple and almost spicy flavours. In this way, the design was intended to be fun and energetic. Designed by Influx Designs using only two colours, and with great attention to detail, the design provides texture and fun to create a label that definitely stands out from the crowd. A perfect fit!

Another example is the LOBO cyser, which is the traditional name for a mead made with apple juice and fermented honey. The result is a quite sweet, sparkling drink that will surprise you. It must come as no shock then that the design looks sweet, lovely and honey-like.

With designs that transport you right to the taste, this is something cool and quirky happening at LOBO that we thought we’d just like to share. We love seeing all kinds of artists and brands working together to establish and support South Australian businesses!

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