Love That Sweet Burn: Our Top Adelaide Made Candles

Love That Sweet Burn: Our Top Adelaide Candlemakers

We’ve laid out our favourite Adelaide made candles (and cute extras to their ranges) so that you can relax while your rooms smell sweet as pie!


At Glam we love filling our office and homes with just the right amount of little knick-knacks from our favourite Adelaide interior ranges, and our favourite item of all? A good smelling candle. Gone are the days when Glasshouse gave us the only suitable wicks to be burned in our living rooms! Now we’re spoilt for choice. To make it easier for you we’ve laid out our favourite Adelaide-made candles (and cute extras to their ranges) so that you can relax while your rooms smell sweet as pie!

Markus Hammence Inc.
Markus Hammence Inc.

Markus Hamence Inc. 

Markus Hamence, Adelaide man about town and all round rockstar, has gathered his years of interior design experience and recently launched his online store! All of his stock embodies his chic yet edgy style, but his candles are easily our favourite part. You can pick between the ‘Signature Black’ range, for smooth and sexy scents or, wait for it, the ‘Candy Love’ range filled with lolly sweet sensations. Musk Stick, Raspberry Snakes, Bubble Gum and Chocolate Cake are just some of the divine scents. Buy online or nip into Two Pairs Homewares to sniff them all in person.

Glam Faves: Fairy Floss, Better The Devil, RRP $30


We came across Belash candles just before they launched last year and they are still one of our absolute faves at Glam. Their South Australian inspired names (Adelaide Hills Butterscotch Pudding, Yorke Pineapple Mango, Eyre Fresh Linen etc) drew us in and incredible scents had us coming back for more. Friends Bel and Ash came together and got their creative juices flowing to concoct some beautifully scented products. They do diffusers too, although you have to get in quick as they sell out super fast! And rumour has it there’s a ‘Belash Body’ in the pipeline. If it’s anything like their candles you can sign us up! Shop the range at

Glam Fave: Second Valley Coconut Lime, RRP from $10

Form and Flux: Dusty Bookshelf
Form and Flux: Dusty Bookshelf

Form & Flux

There’s nothing quite like the smell of an old book you love. The clever little geniuses at Form & Flux have managed to take that cozy comforting smell and wrap it into their candle range (now if they could do a range inspired by Sam Smith’s voice we’d be over the moon!) With their new range of names and scents inspired by books we love (A Song of Fire and Spice, Buttery Beer etc) we couldn’t help but indulge in them all! The candles burn for 25hrs, so thats plenty of time to indulge in some of your favourite classics. They also create quirky skull terrariums which for us plant lovers at Glam, are the perfect home addition. Check out their Facebook or stalk the whole range on

Glam Fave: Dusty Bookshelf (hints of musk, sandalwood, tea and spice.) RRP from $13

Chloe Jane Candle Co.

At the bright young age of 19 Chloe launched her fabulous candle range in SA and the only way has been up ever since. Her fresh and fabulous smelling range is made up of 100% soy wax and coconut oil and she’s all about keeping it local. Even though her range is now stocked in 6 great stores and she frequents plenty of great Adelaide markets (check out our market guide here) she STILL pours each candle by hand. Presented beautifully in a frosted glass jar and topped with a wooden lid, these handmade treasures are a steal at just $20. She also does reed diffusers and gorgeous bamboo and ceramic oil burners, for those who like to branch out a little. Head to for more info and stockists.

Glam Fave: Karma (Fig and Brown Sugar scented), RRP $20

MJ by Mat Johnson 

The man himself is known, rightfully so, for his contribution to the hair industry. Many an Adelaidean can thank him for their luscious locks (Glam’s Hannah included!) but did you know his genius has ventured into candle making too? Well now you do. All of his products (hair included) are 97% naturally derived and vegan too, that means they won’t leave any nasties in the air. Light one of these relaxing and fresh smelling bad boys while you’re pampering yourself in the bath… with MJ by Mat Johnson hair products soaking in your mane of course. Check it out at

Glam Fave: Green Tea, Cassis & Kiwi, RRP $29.95

The Scent Candle Co.
The Scent Candle Co.

The Scent Candle Co.

First things first, you need to follow this adorable Adelaide business on Instagram. Their posts are a treat for the eyes inspiring us to wake up and smell the roses, or alternatively their great little candles! The 100% soy wax candles come in a great range of scents and sizes, and have a simple clean design to compliment any interior style. They’ll soon be available from but until them you can order your custom candles through their Instagram page.

Glam Fave: Strawberry Champagne, RRP $30

MUSQ French Pear Candle


We fell in love with MUSQ as soon as we laid eyes on their amazing packaging. Quality, natural, ethical and pure, their make up and skincare is to die for. Their soy candles are also amazing, containing natural essential oils, absolutes, extracts and lead-free cotton wicks. The French Pear candle and Coconut & Wild Lime scents are equally amazing, and burn for 40 hours. Check out the product range at

Glam Fave: Coconut & Wild Lime, RRP $49.00

Luxe & Luna Home

Luna & Luxe Home

If you love a little luxury in your home, then make sure you check out this beautiful range of products. With metallics, marble, concrete and other great textures, these aren’t your usual glass candles. The scents are glorious too, of course. You’ll need to head to the Gilles Street Markets to pick up one of theses must-have home additions, but it’s definitely worth the journey. Check out their range on their Facebook page here.

KMB & Co. know how to give a memorable name
KMB & Co. know how to give a memorable name


Now before you get all technical on us, yes we know this lovely range is based in Melbourne, BUT the owner is an Adelaide girl, so we’re adding her in for an honourable mention. All her products are hand-poured with love, using soy wax. We’re giggling at the cheeky names to match the lovely scents. KMB & Co. are also now making soy melts for your oil burners. A great way to reuse all those old, unloved burners we bought years ago when we were into incense & Cheap As Chips oils. Shop the whole range at but be sure check them out on Facebook too for cute home styling ideas.

Glam Fave: Fresh As F*ck (summer fresh scents), RRP 285g $29.95, 450g $39.95


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