Local artist to paint beer-themed mural in Glenelg tomorrow

In collaboration with Prancing Pony Brewery, artist Wendy Dixon-Whiley will paint the front window of Fassina on Jetty Road.

Photos: Wendy Dixon-Whiley on

Jetty Road is getting a new mural. 

In collaboration with Prancing Pony Brewery, artist Wendy Dixon-Whiley is painting a beer-inspired mural on the front window of Fassina in Glenelg tomorrow.

The artist will paint for about 3 hours starting around 9am, and the public is invited to watch the live art creation.

Dixon-Whiley has a unique style, often painting fantastical pieces with lots of mythical characters, shapes, and movement. While the mural is likely to fit in with her signature style, it will also be focused around beer, specifically Prancing Pony Brewery products.

“It will involve elements of beers, hops and possibly grains, but it will also be a little bit quirky to engage the community,” says Lisa Liebelt, the head of sales at Prancing Pony. 

Dixon-Whiley has a long relationship with Prancing Pony as both an artist and a patron; She has been commissioned for art inside the brewery, and is a lover of their beers herself. She has showcased her art in both Australia and Italy, and she now works out of Hahndorf Academy. 

The artist believes her work will be fun for the community.

“My style is free-flowing, so it will be fun and entertaining for people to see,” Dixon-Whiley says. 

The mural will face Jetty Road on Fassina’s window. As a sweetener to the mural, anyone who buys a four-pack of Prancing Pony at an SA Fassina (in Glenelg or anywhere in the state) will get an extra can for free. 

Find out more about the event here, and check out Prancing Pony here

Find Fassina Glenelg at 104 Jetty Road.

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