We’ve Found A Pet Supply Drive Through, So Our Lives Just Got Easier

Not only can you pick up all the necessary pet supplies through drive-through, but Gobles Pet Grain Garden also sell plants and gardening supplies.

A family-run business in Marleston is offering a contactless drive-through pickup service so you can stock up on all your pet essentials.

Much like many other local Adelaide businesses, Gobles Pet Grain Garden have been hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, which has seen them change the way they do business by offering a drive-through service.

“We felt that there was a lot of people that would be more comfortable shopping without having to leave the safety of their car,” says Louise, a team member at Gobles Pet Grain Garden.

“So, like many other businesses had to at the beginning of coronavirus, we pivoted and transitioned into a drive-through service to help keep staff and customers safe.”

With this service, pet owners can stock up on everything from food and litter to beds, jumpers, and toys for their furry friends without even having to leave the car.

We’re not talking just dogs and cats either, this place has stock for every pet under the sun including birds, chickens, rabbits, reptiles, fish, and even horses!

Not only does Gobles Pet Grain Garden cater to all your pet needs, but they also sell plants and other gardening supplies.

Those of you getting in touch with your green thumb during isolation can hit up Gobles for gardening needs including fresh herbs, potting mix, fertiliser, compost, watering cans, hoses, pest control, as well as indoor and outdoor plants, and much more.

In need of a new water tank? They’ve got you covered for that too!

Gobles even have an online store with free and contactless delivery for orders over $40.

Since opening their doors in 1988, Gobles Pet Grain Garden have been dedicated to providing great service, as well as the best of the best for your pets and garden.

Rest assured that they will continue to do so during this incredibly trying time.

“We offer an old fashioned style of service, in the sense that we don’t expect you to carry your purchases to your car, even if you’re not using the drive-through.”

Find out more about Gobles Pet Grain Garden and their new drive-through service by checking out their website or by visiting their store at 242 Richmond Road, Marleston.

You can also find them on Facebook.

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