Local DJ Seek N Destroy at Summadayze

Like so many other young DJs before him, Christopher Thornett (better known by his stage moniker Seek N Destroy) started off small and has worked his way up the old fashioned way. Experimenting with music, remixing already established artists to now creating his own original bodies of work.

With support and praise from a heap of national and international DJs, including PeaceTreaty, Larry Tee, Far Too Loud, Defunct! and Bass Kicka among others, Seek N Destroy can now add festival gigs next to those kudos, with Summadayze next on his calendar.

GB: When did you begin DJing and experimenting with music?

CT: I think it first started when I was about 16. I got my hands on a couple of music editing programs and some decks. Before you know it, I was playing in clubs and making my own tunes! Even to date I am still very much experimenting with music all the time and will be furthermore in the future till I drop dead. 

GB: Has the process been hard?

CT: Yes, very much so! Possibly the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced in my life. It's a tough market out there as there are always going to be new up and comers wanting to prove themselves by doing crazier, more out there stuff than the previous DJ. Take Madeon for example, the kid is 17 years old and touring the world with names like Deadmau5, Avicii and Pendulum, not to mention being signed to one of the biggest labels in the world; Mau5trap.

GB: Who are your favorite artists or influence?

CT: I can't exactly say I have a single favourite artist or influence as I tend to dig a lot of different genres and sounds from a wide range of artists. To name a few of those artists I’d say – Alvin Risk, Dillon Francis, Knife Party, Kill The Noise, Porter Robinson, Trumpdisco, The Loops of Fury, Mr. Skeleton, Far Too Loud, Dadalife, Mightyfools, You Killing Me and Redial. A bit more than a few, I know, but all these guys constantly influence me every day with their amazing talent on and off the stage!

GB: Do you feel it's easier now for amateurs to become electronic musicians with the ease of the Internet and home producing programs?

CT: Definitely, not to mention all the sample packs that kids can just buy of the internet these days and chuck into their arrangement, add some drums and call it an original song. It's basically like getting an artist to paint you a picture then you just colouring it in and putting your name on it, it literally defeats the whole purpose of making an 'original' track in the first place. 

GB: What marked the shift between remixing other artist's tracks to making your own original material?

CT: I just woke up one day knowing I had the ability and tools to finally work on a track of my own. Started it, worked on it for several months, finished it and that’s how Seek N Destroy's 'Bang This Joint' was born. 

GB: As someone who plays at and frequents clubs, what kind of trends have you seen in music lately?

CT: Dubstep is becoming more frequently requested. Artists that I never expected to get very well known are somewhat trending and people are finally starting to open their eyes and ears to new music, I like this a lot!

GB: What trend or current phase in music will you be glad to see the last of?

CT: Complextro. It's a genre of music that I never really got much into, not to mention that every single complextro song sounds exactly the same. Be gone complextro!

GB: You're playing Summadayze on NYE in Adelaide, how did that all come to fruition?

CT: I basically played a couple of gigs recently that turned out sweet, I got noticed and Summadayze followed. I’m stoked to be a part of it and can't wait to show the people what I’m made of!

GB: What's next for you in 2012?

CT: New tunes. New challenges. New adventures. New hangovers. Expect to see my name a lot more in 2012 as I have a ton of new projects, collaborations, tours, residencies, signings and much more planned.

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