Local Hero: Robe’s Transmutation triumphs in National business awards for Embracing Innovation

From creating products out of bread tags, to repurposing products, and developing a novel polymer called PostPrime, this small business is thinking BIG!

In a remarkable achievement for a small business hailing from the seaside town of Robe in South Australia, Transmutation has clinched the national Telstra Best of Business Award in the Embracing Innovation category. This accolade highlights the company’s dedication to crafting circular economy products, showcasing the potential of waste materials to be repurposed into valuable goods.

Transmutation, a craft-sized entity in the recycling and manufacturing sector, has made significant strides in demonstrating the viability and importance of converting waste into a wide array of products. Their range includes bags, belts, clothing, jewellery, and homewares, among others. This victory at the national level follows their success in the state awards, where they were recognised alongside other notable South Australian enterprises for their contributions across various sectors.

The national awards ceremony saw Transmutation emerge victorious in their category, underscoring the impact of their innovative approach to recycling and manufacturing. Another South Australian business, Mumamoo, also garnered national recognition for its contributions to the industry with its female-owned infant formula company, emphasising the strength and diversity of businesses in the region.

Transmutation’s journey into the spotlight began with a simple yet overlooked item: bread tags. These small pieces of plastic, often disregarded as waste, became the cornerstone of Transmutation’s innovative recycling process. The company, through a self-built machine, compresses these polystyrene tags, transforming them into functional art pieces. This process not only diverts waste from landfills but also supports a noble cause, with proceeds aiding the provision of wheelchairs for children in need in South Africa.

Brad Scott, the visionary behind Transmutation, was inspired to tackle the challenge of recycling bread tags after a conversation with Jenny Cooper of Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs. This initiative highlighted the need for a creative solution to repurpose polystyrene, a material traditionally deemed non-recyclable. Scott’s ingenuity and commitment to sustainability have led to the production of unique items that retain the essence of the original material while serving a practical purpose.

Transmutation’s innovative efforts extend beyond bread tags. The company has ventured into recycling powder coating waste, a significant industrial challenge. In collaboration with Dulux Powder Coating ANZ, Transmutation has developed a novel polymer, PostPrime, used in manufacturing bar chairs for construction. This initiative not only addresses a critical waste issue but also exemplifies the company’s strategic approach to identifying market needs and developing sustainable products.

Scott’s journey from a career in logistics and project management to leading a pioneering recycling business underscores the transformative power of innovation and sustainability. Transmutation’s success at the Telstra Best of Business Awards is a reflection of their commitment to the circular economy and their ability to turn waste into worthwhile products. As the company prepares for future challenges and opportunities, its story serves as an inspiration for businesses and individuals alike to rethink the potential of waste and the impact of sustainable practices.

Transmutation is located at 14 Flint Street Robe.
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