Local Latinos’ World Cup Roundup Hits the Airwaves

World Cup RadioLove the World Game? Well so do Francisco Martinez, Manuel Otero, Gabriel Pizani, and Luis Rivas, who together will host Adelaide’s own football – or soccer as it’s more commonly known in Australia – radio program on Sundays during the 2010 World Cup.

The program, Fly on the Ball, will run from 1pm to 2pm, Sunday June 6 until Sunday July 18, and can be heard on community radio station, Radio Adelaide, 101.5 FM.

As well as providing an overview of the games played during the preceding week the show will place particular focus on the game to be played that night.

Manuel Otero, 33, who like all four volunteer hosts is originally from South America, has been a Radio Adelaide presenter for 5 years and is the Producer of the show.

“South Americans are very passionate about their football and the game is growing in popularity in Australia too, especially since our World Cup bid.” says Manuel.

“Before immigrating to Australia I was a football and sport journalist in Venezuela and I believe there’s an interest and demand for a show like Fly on the Ball.”

Each of the presenters all support different teams but have a soft spot for the Socceroos now that Australia is their home.

“I see my life as a series of 4 year periods, all defined by different World Cups – as the World Cup is held every 4 years – that have taken place since I was born. My first memories of football are from the 1982 World Cup in Spain, which Italy won. Since then I’ve supported Italy but of course hope Australia does well.” says Gabriel Pizani, 33, who is a Senior Engineer with local energy company, Santos.

“Being a big football fan I think the show will be a great opportunity to share my thoughts and passion with others.”

Interested listeners can tune into Fly on the Ball on Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM or follow the Fly on the Ball team during the World Cup on Twitter at

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