Local solar power business scores exclusive contract to deliver 600 solar and battery systems at no cost to SA homes

Adelaide’s ‘Sun Energy’ has secured exclusive rights to a $10m fund enabling free solar and battery installations for South Australian homes!


Energy keeps us and the world churning. Humanity’s pursuit of harnessing this energy has led us to tap into many sources over thousands of years, including non-renewable and renewable sources. The sun’s energy has become one of the most sought-after, renewable power sources for the spaces in which we live, work, play, learn and eat. 

While many appreciate the benefits of solar power, the perceived cost and complexity of purchasing and installing solar panels and batteries can discourage many who would otherwise be eager to participate in this sustainable power supply. 

This is all about to change, with SunEnergy’s game-changing ‘SunZero‘ solar and battery program.

SunEnergy is a leading South Australian solar retailer based in Norwood, SA. 

Under the SunZero program, solar panels and batteries are provided and installed free of charge once you sign onto an energy plan with an authorised sustainable energy provider. 

SunEnergy’s Owner and CEO, Lee Lake, explained how it works. “We’ve secured exclusive access to a $10 million fund to install up to 600 solar and battery systems at absolutely no cost to the customer. Nobody else in South Australia offers access to this very limited program.”




The SunZero Program delivers significant cost and environmental savings and connects the consumer to a network of homes that work together like a huge battery, stabilising their power supply. 

Here’s how the SunZero Program works: 

  • First, register your interest with SunEnergy to see if your home qualifies. 
  • SunEnergy will then present you with various sustainable energy retailers overseeing your power supply and billing. 
  • Once you’ve selected your preferred energy retailer, SunEnergy will install your solar power system and battery at no cost to you and organise its connection and maintenance for the term of your plan. 
  • Start saving money and lightening your load on our environment. 

According to Lee, the SunZero program is based on sound logic. “Today, we can offer just  18 cents per kilowatt hour of power locked in for 10 years. So, rather than paying for the solar system, our customers are securing incredibly cheap and predictable rates, especially when you consider the current price of electricity, which can reach 50 to 55 cents a kilowatt hour, and who knows what it will cost in years to come.” 

“The energy retailer receives their return on investment by networking the batteries to function as one large battery that can support the electricity grid when it fluctuates in power or when there’s excess demand. It’s a bit like the Tesla battery up north, but instead of having one large battery, it’s been broken up into hundreds of pieces  and everyone’s home forms part of that battery. Everyone benefits from obtaining the power they need at a very low rate, knowing they’re simultaneously stabilising the  grid.” 

The SunZero Program runs for ten years. During that time, customers can switch retailers so long as they remain within the network of suppliers using renewable energy or they can buy out the system at any time for a depreciated value.


Over the last twelve years and thousands of solar power installations, SunEnergy has established an enviable reputation as a reliable and trustworthy retailer that they wouldn’t be willing to risk on a dubious product. 

“Adelaide businesses survive on word-of-mouth recommendations, and that’s what’s kept us thriving.” 

“We’re bricks and mortar, living and working in Adelaide. Our staff are employed full-time. We don’t use offshore customer service. We’re locals for locals”. 

Lee’s enthusiasm for the SunZero Program is palpable. He sees it as an extraordinary way to help people who cannot afford solar power. The program can also benefit renters and landlords, who could install the system as part of their offering to new tenants. So long as the tenant is willing to sign up with an approved renewable energy supplier, everyone wins. 

SunEnergy attends to all facets of delivering the SunZero Program for its customers, guiding them through the options, organising the installation, and even maintaining the system at no additional cost. “We have a Customer Service team that takes care of all our existing clients every day.We also have our own friendly, highly experienced internal Installation teams. Customers can also visit our showroom to look at some of our products and talk to our team face-to-face.” 

For further information about SunEnergy’s SunZero Program call them or visit their website. All the details you need are below: 

All you need to know about SunEnergy 

Who: SunEnergy Adelaide 
Where: 88 Fullarton Road, Norwood, SA 
Website: SunEnergy.| Sun Energy Quick Quotes
Call for no-obligation energy assessments: 1800 786 765 

Summary: SunEnergy provides comprehensive solar solutions, offering expert solar consultations, energy assessments, and installation services for residential and commercial customers. 

Their wide range of products includes solar panels, inverters, battery systems and EV chargers from reputable brands such as SolarEdge, Sungrow, Sigenergy , and Enphase. 

As a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar retailer, SunEnergy ensures that all products and services meet global quality standards. 

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