Looking For A Winter Workout? You Should Consider Pilates

Looking For A Winter Workout? You Should Consider Pilates

We’ve all got winter muffin top, and going to the gym just isn’t on the cards. Which is where Pilates just might be a solution. You can do it laying down after all.


Let’s not beat around the bush. You either love working out or you don’t. Those who love it have Instagram profiles for the gym. Those who don’t have them for their cat or dog.

Often, there seems to be almost no middle ground in the conversation, or you know someone who does yoga and you’re left wondering how bending forward and breathing is something you can do for an hour. Well, somewhere between the core strength and flexibility you gain from yoga and the cross fit phenomenon, comes Studio Pilates in Norwood. Now, you don’t see quite so many Instagram accounts for Pilates because you’re usually working out on a machine called a reformer. And it doesn’t quite lend itself to good camera angles. But what it does lend to you is an incredible full body work out without the impact of a traditional gym workout, so it’s far more versatile and accessible for a host of people.

Studio Pilates is a new resident to The Parade, and will open their first South Australian studio this Saturday.
It a place where regular Pilates meets the gym for a full-body workout that targets core muscles through controlled movements and breathing to promote strength, weight loss, posture and balance. Think Pilates with a facelift! The studio is decked out with dark timber floors, chic black leather reformer machines, crystal chandeliers and flat screen TVs. You instantly feel relaxed, a tad glamorous and if you’re a newcomer to reformer Pilates, you’re still blissfully unaware of the workout you’re about to complete.

Look, we’ve had plenty of time this winter to get a nice homely coating, but this is not one of those ‘fitspiration’ places. Maybe because Pilates isn’t the first choice of the chest-beating workout brigade, it flies under the radar as an option. But already the Studio Pilates community is growing. And for some of the work out you’re lying down. No really, you’re not braced in the push up position or anything. You’re on your back and working out. And once you get adept at it you can even close your eyes and just listen to the music. It’s basically like working out and resting at the same time.

Need we say more. We’re certainly glad to see their doors opening. Studio Pilates is located at 121B The Parade, Norwood. Don’t miss out on their introductory offer, sign up and book your first class here.

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