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Looking For Mr Goodbar? We’ve Finally Found Him At Adelaide’s Newest Bar!

The promise of new Adelaide small bar Mr Goodbar filled the whispers of the cobbled streets in the East End for several years now, well as of last night, a pretty good place to sin opened its doors.

It has been a long time since anyone went looking for Mr Goodbar. And with how that ended we’re not really surprised! (For those not in the know: Looking For Mr Goodbar was a novel and a film circa 1975 starring Dianne Keaton… lots of promiscuity. Creepy and a bloody finale).

Mr Goodbar

But, for the past few years we’ve been searching for him again as the promise and whispers of new Adelaide small bar Mr Goodbar filled the cobbled cobbled streets in the East End. They kept us waiting with the big reveal, but that only heightened our curiosity. Well as of last night, a pretty good place to sin opened its doors. And Glam got to lap it up.

Swanky waistcoat clad wait staff and security greeted guests and gave us old Australian pennies as tokens for our cocktails. The stunning mosaicked small entrance welcomed us with a sign reading ‘FINE LIQUORS’ and our first drink for the evening. Why thank you sir, don’t mind if we do.

Mr Goodbar

With soul and jazz music permeating the air we wandered three stories up a dark wooden staircase, past some stunning toilets (which by the way are NOT uni-sex… an easy mistake to make, trust us) to the top floor bar.

The décor was that perfect mix of modern chic with old world glamour. Simple and non-fussy with gold brass tables and odes to some American-soul music greats adorning the walls.

We exchanged our pennies and sipped on cocktails that perfectly reflected the old world New Orleans speakeasy kinda vibe. With Negronis, 21st Centuries (gin laced with white chocolate) and Mr Goodbar’s ode to a Whiskey Sour. Each was artfully crafted and executed perfectly and the full list extends much further.

Mr Goodbar

Guests were treated to these divine little canapés to keep the evening ticking along nicely as we mingled with Adelaide’s A list, who undoubtedly will frequent the bar from now on.

The heritage of this beautiful building has posed some issue for the owners, who first purchased the venue back in 2013. But alas, those dramas have only lead to a more superior and stunning small bar with big beautiful windows through which you can watch the hustle and bustle of our fabulous East End below.

Mr Goodbar Mr Goodbar Mr Goodbar

A great little hidden spot that has opened up just perfectly in time for the Fringe. If you’re swinging by the Garden of Unearthly delights you must get yourself to Mr Goodbar on your way. These smooth operators won’t disappoint.

Mr Goodbar

12 Union Street, Adelaide

Wed – Thurs [3pm – 12am]
Fri – Sat [3pm – 2am]
Sun [4pm – 12am]

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