Lord Mayor Invites Us All To His Christmas Gala Concert

Lord Mayor Invites Us All To His Christmas Gala Concert

We know absolutely nothing about his taste in music… maybe he likes hip hop? Probably not.


Obama loves The Roots. Malcolm Turnbull has a Soundcloud but no idea how to use it. Jay Weatherill loves live music, but what about our Lord Mayor, Martin Haese. He used to run the Youthworks clothing store in Rundle Mall, so is he still him with the kids, or more of a Double J man these days? Maybe he’s booked the Wu Tang Clan for this one, or he could even be a fan of heavy metal…

Whatever the case, he’s invited all of us, the wonderful citizens of Adelaide, to join him at Adelaide Town Hall on December 4th. The event is FREE for anyone living in the Adelaide City Council district, $15 for Adults outside of it. Gauging from past years, it’s usually a cheery affair with choirs, big bands and generally a wholesome atmosphere. But we’re wondering, if Haese could choose anyone from his bucket list to headline, who would it be?

He’s the Lord Mayor after all, so this is his opportunity! Here’s what we’re all really hoping for:

Either way, Keith Conlon will MC and that’s good enough for us. Bookings can be made for the event via BASS online here.

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