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LOT.100 is opening a new restaurant and immersive dining experience

LOT.100’s new restaurant will offer an immersive experience across their 84 hectare property with a changing daily menu matched with drinks from their collective.


Images courtesy of LOT.100

LOT.100 is greeting the warmer months with a new innovation in the launch of an immersive dining experience.

Somewhat a contrast to the casual ordering process we’ve come to expect at LOT.100, the new venture will be a food and booze filled experience which will run for two or so hours at $149 per head.

Head chef, Shannon Fleming will be producing a menu that changes daily with a focus on seasonality using local produce from neighbours and farmers in the Adelaide Hills.

The lunch only menu includes a discovery experience in the beverage brands which make up The LOT.100 collective – Adelaide Hills Distillery, Ashton Valley Fresh, Hills Cider, Mismatch Brewing Company and Vinteloper Wines.

This collective will provide a heavily curated beverage adventure through cocktails to brews, museum wines and ciders.

Every day will be a journey like no other, an intimate, surprising, and in-depth experience which will allow you to sample South Australia and the very best of The LOT.100 collective. 

There are only 40 seats available each day so the experience will be intimate. The location of each restaurant will change so expect to be seated anywhere on their 84 hectare property.

You will be able to book two sittings for lunch, from Thursdays to Sundays, at 12pm or 1pm for a two hour lunch.

The menu of the day matched with beverages from the LOT.100 collective is priced at $149 per person.

LOT.100’s new restaurant will launch on October 31.

Find LOT.100 at 68 Chambers Road, Hay Valley SA.

For more info, head to LOT.100’s Facebook page or their website at https://lot100.com.au/.

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