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LOT. 100 Is Welcoming Back $25 Unlimited Pizza

On Friday 11 October, the venue will welcome guests for a day filled with doughy goodness, and drinks of course.


One SA’s most loved destinations, LOT.100, is welcoming back $25 unlimited pizza but it’s just for today.

For $25, you’ll be on the receiving end of as much pizza as is possible for you to consume, and then some.

This is the ideal occasion to round up your best mates and take a trip to the renowned venue for a bite and a tipple.

LOT. 100’s pizza dough is fermented traditionally over three days, which supposedly aids your digestion (we’re assuming this makes it easier to eat more, which is fantastic news).

LOT. 100 also recently scored a place in The Australian’s list of the country’s hottest restaurants.

For more info, see here.

You can find LOT. 100 at Chambers Road, Nairne, South Australia.

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