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Love is in the air as Mix102.3 hosts leap-year wedding

Mix102.3 has orchestrated the wedding of the leap year dubbed ‘My Big Fat Blow Up Wedding’ for one loved up couple.

Love was in full swing this at the Fringe as Mix102.3 radio station orchestrated a heartwarming event dubbed ‘My Big Fat Blow Up Wedding’ in the quirky setting of the Inflatable Church, with one Adelaide couple deciding to seize the opportunity of the extra day granted by leap year and take the plunge into matrimony amidst the festival atmosphere vibrant atmosphere.

Max Burford & Ali Clarke, the beloved hosts of Max & Ali in the Morning, spearheaded the unconventional ceremony, embodying the spirit of spontaneity and romance, and in a nod to tradition, they embraced the leap year custom of women proposing to men by selecting a bride from numerous hopeful entrants to pop the question to her beloved.

The lucky bride-to-be, 37-year-old Elizabeth Habkouk from Osborne, shared a deep bond with her partner, 47-year-old Ben Britton, spanning six years of companionship and love. The morning of the big day unfolded from 6 am, as Max and Ali put together the entire wedding in 3 hours, all live on air, all before 9 am.

Amidst the flurry of activities, Elizabeth bravely took the leap, asking Ben for his hand in marriage before Ben asked Elizabeth’s dad for his blessing. The radio hosts left no stone unturned, swiftly organising wedding essentials from invites for family and friends to wedding bands and even enlisting the flamboyant entertainer Hans as the charismatic flower girl.

The Inflatable Church, a whimsical addition to the Adelaide Fringe, lent a unique charm to the proceedings, adding an extra layer of magic to the event. The couple exchanged vows surrounded by an intimate gathering of loved ones and Mix102.3 listeners who followed the wedding planning and wanted to participate in this celebration of love.

The commitment of the breakfast show hosts extended beyond the airwaves, as they vowed to remain on air until the couple officially became husband and wife, encapsulating the spirit of unwavering support and dedication.

The festivities didn’t end with the ceremony, as thanks to Phil Hoffman Travel, the newlyweds received a generous $5,000 voucher to head off on a dream honeymoon!

The Inflatable Church has made its way to this year’s Adelaide Fringe all the way from Europe in partnership with the City of Adelaide.

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