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Love Our Insta? We Have The SALA Exhibition For You

Featuring regularly on the Glam Adelaide Instagram, Michael Waterhouse is bringing his incredible SA photography off-screen in a special SALA exhibition.

If you follow our Instagram, you’ve no doubt seen us repost Michael Waterhouse‘s gorgeous South Australian landscape photography. He truly shows the world that the South Australian landscape is what dreams are made of, and we’re sure his photos bring envy to those who don’t live in this beautiful state we call home. Luckily, you can now see his photography up close and personal at his SALA Festival exhibition at Stella Restaurant.

Opening in August, Michael will show some of his most beautiful shots from Henley Beach and the surrounding areas. Only taking professional photos for the last 3-4 years, Michael credits the South Australian coastline for inspiring him to get out there and visit destinations he usually wouldn’t visit. He loves searching out spots off the beaten track, creating a moment and sharing it with the world.

Living half way between the beach and the city is ideal, as many of his shots are dependent on the weather. While most of us drive home from work staring at the bumper of the car in front of us, he’s driving home and surveying the sky; if he sees a nice sunset, he’ll head straight down to the beach to capture its fiery beauty. The weekend is his time for adventure though, with Michael regularly heading off to new locations and old favourites. One of his frequent haunts is Port Elliot: the photogenic coastlines have quite a lot of rough seas and with the ability shoot in different directions, it makes for some truly interesting shots.

South Australia is full to the brim with amazing talent and it’s super important to support and grow this local talent as much as we can. So, how can you help Michael turn this side business into a full time career? He says it’s by sharing and commenting on his Facebook posts, buying his prints, and by getting a huge group of mates together to attend his exhibition at Stella. When asked for tips for aspiring photographers, he said that half of the work comes down to nailing the right composition and capturing the moment, and half comes down to the skill it takes to enhance the image, create art and give it that wow factor.

Michael will be featuring five of Adelaide’s favourite photos during the exhibition; but here’s the catch, they need your help to choose! Head to Stella’s Facebook page to vote for your favourite of Michael’s best South Australian shots. Make sure you support local talent and head down to Michael’s exhibition at Stella Restaurant as a part of SALA Festival.

Stay up to date with Michael’s latest work here and via the Glam Adelaide Instagram

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