Love Your Home: This Spring, Think Colour!

Put away the neutrals and blacks, this Spring home decorating is all about colour! Check out this amazing brand that we are loving in the Glam office that makes it SO easy to add colour to your home

Ok, so maybe we have said it enough now, but just to really hammer home the point… Spring has sprung! With this glorious weather we welcome a new season. With a new season comes new homeware trends. This Spring, think colour.

Navy blue. Cobalt. Pale Pink. Mint. A controlled clash of colour with some bold blues with soft pastels. Coordinated design. Here at Glam we have fallen in love with a new homewares and lifestyle label, Arro Home. Literally, just give us one of everything. We think that their newest range is the perfect way to add colour, style and funk to any room in your house, with absolutely no effort required.

We are all about their signature prints which feature across their bedding, soft furnishings, and kitchen accessory ranges.

New Wave Placemat.

New Wave Placemat.

The New Wave

Pie Chart (top left).

Pie Chart (top left).

Close-knit triangles: one half faded pink, the other in netted white and blue. Big bold squares, lined up in a printed row. Royal blue diamonds on white. A jaunty wave of star-strewn sky. Splotched dots, gathered together and topped with a band of stripes.

Cloud Blooms


A pale mint green backdrop dotted with grey spots. Pale pink, white and soft blue clouds. A smattering of simple flower blooms. Soft. Simple.


Pie Graph

Geometric order meets with bursts of vibrant colour. Pie graphs, varying in shape, size, and colour. Rich green and royal blue. Peach. Pale Pink. Blue-grey. A touch of vibrant yellow. In the background, a ruled-up page of pale blue lines on white. Very reminiscent of your high school maths book.


Moth Flock

The Moth Flock print.

The Moth Flock print.

A rich blue backdrop dotted with moths. Prettier than it sounds. These are friendly moths. They dot the apron in varying combinations of red, peach, and mint green – some with striped wings, others with spots.

If your eyes live for colour, you’ll love this range as much as we do! So get creative this season and throw some colour and mismatched patterns into your home.

Head to http://www.arrohome.com/ to see more of their fab range.

P.S Did we mention that they do the cutest cushions? Sorry bank account!


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