LucidLines takes home title of SA’s top tattooist

Operating out of her intimate Dulwich-based studio, the star tattooist has gone from strength to strength since entering the tattoo game a decade ago.

Image credit: Nick Astanei

Popular tattoo artist Caitlin Thomas, aka LucidLines, has recently taken home the title of South Australia’s top tattooist in a recent Messenger competition.

Currently operating out of her intimate Dulwich-based studio, the 31-year-old star tattooist has gone from strength to strength since entering the tattoo game a decade ago. Since changing careers from a wood-burning drum artist and graphic designer, Caitlin has situated herself as Adelaide’s go-to girl for unbeatable clear and crisp lines.

“I think I’ve gotten so much further with this industry than I had ever imagined, so I feel like everything is a bonus.”

“It’s definitely pretty crazy. I totally understand that any competition is subjective with art and opinion, but it’s really nice to have that support and recognition,” says Caitlin.

Best known for her native and botanical fine line designs, Caitlin has harnessed her artistic talents to help individuals heal their trauma through tattooing through creating empowering designs with her clients.

“I feel like the perfect image in my mind of tattoo success is helping people heal trauma and having nothing but a positive experience,” says Caitlin.

“My favourite thing about tattooing is the people and being able to interact with so many people with different lives and jobs. You build up this connection with someone, and you get to draw on their skin which is crazy.”

“Instead of drawing on a piece of paper or canvas, you get to draw on a canvas that you get to make a bond with.”

While Caitlin is currently closed for commission and custom work, she plans to release new flash designs every few months for eager-eye Adelaidians looking for their next body art piece.

“My favourite tattoos are when I’ve hopefully been able to make a difference in someone’s life and help them with their confidence. I didn’t think tattooing would be like that when I got into it – but it really does mean so much more to people.”

You can find Caitlin operating under her alias LucidLines on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

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