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Luigi Delicatessen to host a food and Fringe performance with world renowned pianist

A unique food and entertainment experience is taking over to Luigi Delicatessen this Fringe season with world renowned pianist Kym Purling.

A unique experience with delicious food and exciting entertainment is taking over to Luigi Delicatessen this Fringe season as world renowned pianist Kym Purling returns home.

Voted Adelaide’s Best Italian Restaurant for the second consecutive year, multi award winning Luigi Delicatessen will be teaming up with Kym for Music on the Menu which will serve up an exciting music and meal experience.

Held across multiple dates in February and March, the show will treat guests to soak in Kym’s amazing talent as a jazz pianist while indulging in the best Italian food in town.

Attendees will also witness Kym singing for the first time in Australia, while sipping on cocktails and sharing laughs.

“I’ve worked with a lot of famous singers and a lot of people have told me I should be singing,” Kym said.

“I’m most known as a jazz pianist,  musical director, and conductor for Broadway shows, but singing is something that has been on my mind for quite a long time now.”

“That’s what these shows are all about. Being back in Adelaide, the Fringe shows are a comeback for me in my hometown.”

Music on the Menu will mark Kym’s return to Adelaide after 24 years performing across 144 countries.

While he has been performing over the last 6 months at Luigi Delicatessen on Friday and Saturday nights primarily with jazz bassist Tim Bowen, the Fringe show will bring a unique experience showcasing his vocals to his loved fans.

The Fringe show will feature the renowned Kym Purling Trio featuring bassist Tim Bowen and drummer Josh Baldwin while also showcasing young lion Marco Callisto, who will shine at the piano as Kym sings.

Tickets to the show include dinner which will offer a choice of platters such as pasta and seafood. Guests will get to enjoy the delicious Italian offering while watching an amazing performance.

“It’s a unique experience that we are bringing,” Kym said.

“People don’t usually see a dinner show for the Fringe. They usually see a show then work out dinner before or after, but this is both – we’ve blitzed it.

“I’ve never worked with the Fringe before. This will be my first time and I’m really excited about it.”

Based in New York, Paris and Australia, Kym is renowned for his world class entertainment.

Still a young man, Kym has maintained a diverse career establishing himself internationally as a pianist and entertainer. He has conducted several Broadway shows and musical directed for some of the biggest names in show business such as Engelbert Humperdinck and Natalie Cole.

Kym was orphaned at two days old during the Vietnam War, and later became the first international adoption in Australia at the age of seven months.

He began learning the piano formally when he was six and first appeared on television at sixteen. Kym is now seen on television shows and in newspapers around the world. While travelling and performing he has become an active philanthropist and humanitarian.

He has held concerts to raise funds to support the development of children in Vietnam and also provided aid to orphaned and trafficked children to return them to  their families in Nepal.

Returning home to Adelaide, the Music on the Menu Fringe show is a much-anticipated performance with tickets selling fast.

The performance will be held with two sittings at 6:30pm and 8:30pm across 8 nights at Luigi Delicatessen.

Tickets are $90 and can be purchased here.

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