Luma Coffee Club is set to be Henley Beach’s hottest new café

Luma Coffee Club is set to open next to STRONG Pilates at Henley Beach, creating an atmosphere of community, great vibes and healthy food and drink.

Image render by: AFD Interior Design, subject to change

With the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the sound of espresso machines, and healthy food being served throughout, residents of Henley Beach will soon have a contemporary seaside café that that feels both stylish and inviting.

Luma Coffee Club, the hotly anticipated café, is set to open its doors in the first half of 2024, promising to bring something unique to the community.

For owner Luke, alongside his wife Emma and one year old daughter Millie, the journey to Luma Coffee Club was a twist of fate. With a background as an electrician and seven years of running his own business, Luke and his family were ready for a change. “This opportunity randomly came up next door to STRONG Pilates, and I decided to dive in,” Luke says.

It was during an encounter at STRONG Pilates that Luke’s dream of owning a café began to take shape. “I train at STRONG, and it was really funny; I believe in the right place and the right time,” he shares. “They called me because they had a storm and wanted help at STRONG to fix the lights, and then we had a chat and I found out the place next door was vacant and the owner suggested it would be a great location for a café.”

The idea had always been lingering in the back of Luke’s mind. “I’d already thought about owning a café in the past, and this was the perfect time,” he says, emphasising how the proximity to a gym complements the café’s vision. “Having a gym with a café next door is the perfect combination.”

What sets Luma Coffee Club apart is its commitment to being different in the market. Luke’s vision is to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy the quintessential café experience while he fosters a sense of community down by the beach. There’s hope it will seamlessly integrate with the neighbouring studio, STRONG Pilates, by offering a range of healthy lifestyle choices and nourishing food options.

“There are a lot of cafes in the area, so we want to do our own thing,” Luke says.

While the menu is still under lock and key, Emma hints at what patrons can expect. “It’s going to be more grab-and-go options, definitely with dine-in coffees, fresh juices, toasties. Takeaway will include options like protein smoothies and acai bowls,” he says, leaving room for anticipation with a playful “menu to be confirmed!”

One of the most exciting aspects of Luma Coffee Club is its interior design by AFD Interior Design who are an intimate team capturing a holistic approach towards Interior Architecture.

Luke envisions a high-end fit-out describing it as “very insta-worthy (although he’s not fond of the word), very neutral, minty greens, timber, stoney, chic beachside vibes akin to the Calile Hotel in Brisbane.” The café will provide an aesthetic treat while delivering delicious food and drinks.

The new eatery plans to offer more than just coffee; it aims to be a versatile space that can be hired for events. This addition will turn the café into a genuine community hub and event space for Henley Beach residents.

“We’re excited to open our doors to the community and provide them with an exceptional experience. We can’t wait to be part of Henley Beach’s thriving scene.”

Luma Coffee Club
Where: 60 – 62 Mitton Avenue, Henley Beach
When: Opening first half of 2024
More info: @lumacoffeeclub

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