Maggie Beer cooks up a storm for South Australia’s homeless

Soup&Sleep are teaming up with icon Maggie Beer to give relief to South Aussies in need due to recent government funding cuts.

Header image: Maggie Beer.

With a tough week of news for several South Australian lifeline services such as the Hutt Street Centre and Catherine House, who are bracing for government funding cuts as a part of a new service alliances scheme, there is positive movement forming in support of those most affected.

Soup&Sleep 2021 is a soup kitchen and part of Cafe Outside The Square’s major annual fundraising activity for those without homes, and since their launch, they have produced a massive amount of meals upward of 20 thousand.

On Thursday 3 June, in response to the news, Soup&Sleep are getting a massive crowd together to make a whole lot of hearty soups and other meals under the guidance of a very special guest.

At the event and providing her professional culinary advice will be Aussie icon Maggie Beer, who will work alongside other iconic local chefs to whip up a storm for the main event.

The event will also see entertainment from local artists and most importantly stories from those with personal experiences about just how hard life can be for the less fortunate.

In a bold act of unity, those in attendance will also be doing it tough themselves for the night by sleeping under the stars on nothing but a piece of cardboard – a stark reality for many South Australians.

At a time when there are more people on the streets than ever before, this event comes as an important moment for South Australians to band together and support our own.

There are a number of ways you can support Soup&Sleep and get involved including:

  • Direct donations (100% tax deductible) via the link here.
  • Registering and raising money through your own community and joining the team at the main event on 3 June via the registration link here.

Keep up with the event on the Soup&Sleep website here.

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