Magill Mexican Institution Announce Rooftop Bar Plans For Gilbert Place

Sounds like this will be an absolute doozy…

Here we are, sitting on our couch in the evening and then BOOM!

First, the sad news. Magill Road Mexican mecca Maiz and Mezcal (oh, that alliteration!) will take their last bookings for the moment on November 6th, meaning that there are just five days left to savor their wonderful homemade authentic Mexican fare as it currently stands.

But what’s to come more than makes up for the shock of this sudden news. It seems the team have been planning a big transition, with the idea of a new Mexican Bistro and rooftop bar in the CBD on the cards that will not only save two heritage listed buildings currently abandoned, but also open a new laneway connecting King William Rd with Gilbert Place and Peel Street. What sort of sorcery is this?!

Attendees at the recent West End Block Party may have unintentionally stumbled upon the preview of the new venue, which Hains & Co are affectionately referring to as “the new Mexican place next door,” which should give you some idea of the location. What does it look like? Here are a few hints:

We will have more as soon as we can for you! Exiting times ahead!

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