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‘Maho Magic Bar’ returns to Fringe, mixing spellbinding tricks with Japanese-inspired cocktails

Journey to a neon-lit Tokyo complete with mischief, cocktails and laughter with Japanese magic masters in ‘Maho Magic Bar.’

Prepare to be enchanted at this year’s Fringe with the much-celebrated Maho Magic Bar, back by popular demand and set to dazzle Adelaide once again with its unique blend of intimate magic, culture and Japanese-inspired cocktails.

After sold-out seasons and overwhelming acclaim, this Fringe favourite is returning with a new line-up and even more ‘eye-popping’ delights, transporting you to a neon-lit Tokyo night of mischief, amazement, cocktails and laughter.

The Maho Magic Bar offers a rare opportunity to step into an exquisitely crafted space where the magic happens right before your eyes and is a must-see for fans of unique cultural experiences.

Audiences are invited to an intimate world of wonder where Japan’s top sleight-of-hand artists perform mind-bending tricks, bringing a modern twist to magic traditions dating back to the Edo period.

This family-friendly show (PG-rated—evening shows suitable for 12+ and matinees suitable for 6+) is perfect for those intrigued by the fusion of traditional and contemporary art, those who appreciate the artistry and wonder of magic and anyone looking for a night of exceptional entertainment—all while enjoying a cheeky cocktail!

Creative Director Kirsten Siddle is excited to share the show’s fresh talent with Adelaide audiences.

‘This troupe of prodigies have been discovered in the tumultuous and high-energy nightlife of Japan’s cities’, says Kirsten. ‘With new tricks and treats, we’re thrilled to bring the Maho magic to Adelaide for another season.’

The line-up includes an array of talented performers who will no doubt WOW audiences with their skill and finesse!

Fashion-forward Shirayuri hails from Funabashi, Chiba and is a student of legendary Japanese magician  Shoot Ogawa. A smooth operator with hipster flair, Shirayuri has travelled extensively for magic, including time at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

New to Adelaide and leading the troupe is Spica, the hostess hailing from Miyazaki prefecture and who channels the inimitable legend of the onna-oyabun (Yakuza Godmother) alongside Kabukicho hustler and ringmaster Sho-chan.

Also descending on Adelaide for the first time is Shunji, one of Japan’s grand masters of traditional Edo-style illusion and manipulation, who has represented Japan in the World of Magic Championships in Vegas.

Next and making his dazzling debut and hailing from Tokyo’s famed underground magic bar, Osmond is Wambi, who applies engineering marvel to all he touches, while crowd favourite Kaori Kitazawa returns with new super kawaii illusions. Venerated mixologist Jun Nakamura rounds out the troupe with flair, bartending magic aplenty and blending up cocktails for all to enjoy. 

The bar’s curated menu features premium Japanese drinks, including innovative cocktails, sake, whisky, shochu, and umeshu, and the magic, combined with the ambience and exquisite drinks, create a sensory experience like no other.

Maho Magic Bar is an immersive cultural experience and a journey into the heart of Japanese magic and mixology, presented by a new line-up of extraordinary talents. It promises to be an unforgettable part of this year’s Adelaide Fringe—a true celebration of magic, culture, and artistry that will leave audiences astounded and enchanted.

Grab your tickets for the whole family via the link below—you won’t be disappointed!

What: Maho Magic Bar.
Where: Maho Magic Bar at The Garden of Unearthly Delights.
When: Friday 16th February to Sunday 17th March.
For tickets and further info, click here.

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