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Major expansion plans for Lockleys Hotel, including a four-storey motel and shop

A proposal has been lodged by the Lockleys Hotel with major expansion plans, which include adding a motel and shop to the existing hotel.

Photo: Lockleys Hotel.

The Lockleys Hotel has major expansion plans in the pipeline, which include adding a four-storey motel with more than 80 rooms and a shop to the existing hotel.

This exciting development is set to rise at 495-499 Henley Beach Road and Lot 9 Tapleys Hill Road, Fulham.

The comprehensive development application report has been lodged with PlanSA, which provides a detailed blueprint of what the future holds for this iconic locale.

The report was submitted by MasterPlan SA on behalf of Lockleys Hotel and says “the development represents an expansion and modernisation of an existing land use that supports the sustainability of the Lockleys Hotel” and will “support employment and economic prosperity.”

A significant uptick in accommodation capacity is on the cards, with the blueprint indicating a motel to be built with three entire floors dedicated to tourist accommodation, housing a total of 85 rooms, which is also poised to include a ground-floor shop.

“The land use of the development is tourist accommodation in the form of a motel, that will be run in conjunction with the existing accommodation options available at the adjacent Lockleys Hotel,” the plan states.

“The development provides for an expansion of the existing land use which includes twelve tourist accommodation rooms and utilises a separate area of the subject land.”

Though 40 of the existing parking spaces will be removed to accommodate the new structure, 29 will be reinstated on the ground floor. In total, visitors and patrons can avail themselves of 232 parking spaces that will serve both the Lockleys Hotel and the proposed motel development.

A 5-metre tall tree is also proposed for removal, to accommodate and ensure seamless integration of the development. The development plan emphasises the suitability of the site, remarking, “It is considered that the specific features of the site and locality lends themselves to development of this nature and intensity.”

The four-storey building will have a maximum height of 13.8 metres, facing onto Tapleys Hill Road and back onto the existing Lockleys Hotel.

The redevelopments promise a splash of modernity with a contemporary design, array of materials, and architectural recesses ensuring visual dynamism and a reduced scale. Strategically positioned, the building will also ensure privacy, adhering to setbacks from all boundaries.

Highlighting its modern aesthetics, the building will showcase a myriad of materials including Scyon Axon vertical wall cladding and texture coated concrete. These design choices will exude an aura of sophistication with the vertically grooved panels reminiscent of vertical joint timber. Large windows and balconies on the third level, complemented by neutral tones of white and grey, encapsulate a finessed design.

When the development is are complete, it will present a fresh, high-quality design with varied finishes and materials. This avant-garde design will ensure the motel’s presence on Tapleys Hill Road will be pronounced.

The expansive nature of the site, coupled with the calculated distance from nearby residential developments, especially to the East, will ensure the new structure integrates with its surroundings, negating any potential visual disruptions from its heightened stature.

Public consultation for the proposal closes October 16th. Visit the Lockleys Hotel website here.

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