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Make A Night Out… A Night In

Reconnect your relationship over a stylish table setting with Little Black Table.


Reconnect your relationship over a stylish table setting with Little Black Table.

South Australian entrepreneur, Kate Heylen, is encouraging couples to choose a night in over a night out to strengthen their relationship. Her new business, Little Black Table, launched this month, offers consumers stylish black boxes containing everything needed to create a beautifully set table for an intimate dinner with meaningful conversation.

Little Black Table contains everything you need for an intimate night in with your partner. From a beautifully set table to meaningful conversation, Little Black Table will help strengthen your relationship.

Each themed box contains items hand-picked to create a stylish table setting at home. These include:
• A tablecloth
• Candle holders and candles
• Vases
• Napkins
• Lanterns

To complement your table, you also receive a handbook with recipes, wine suggestions, styling tips and insightful advice on how to build your relationship, written by leading couples counsellor Guy Vicars.

Tucked into each napkin are ‘Relationship Cards’ offering fun ideas for starting a fulfilling conversation, delving deeper into your over some of the day to day housekeeping we tend to put off. You can choose which suits your mood or relationship needs.

Little Black Table is available in four different looks, because every person’s style and home decor is different.

The best thing about Little Black Table is that the contents are all re-useable so over time you will save money and can look forward to many intimate and loving evenings together.

You don’t have to be a stylist, florist, therapist or chef.

Make dining at home a pleasure – simple, stylish and satisfying.

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About Kate Helyen

Kate Heylen has worked closely with Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Guy Vicars, who runs Sydney-based couples’ counselling service, Guys Domain. Together they have developed four Little Black Table boxes, including a handbook on the importance of relationship building and a series of relationship cards written by Mr Vicars.

After hosting many dinners at home with her husband, Ms Heylen saw the way her own relationship was benefitting from the quality time together and wanted to share the experience with other couples.

“According to the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, communication difficulties are one of the leading causes of relationship breakdown in Australia – second only to financial stress – and it is often because people simply don’t make time to really talk with each other,” Ms Heylen said.

“Couples with young children often think going out for dinner or seeing a therapist to help their relationship is too costly and difficult. Often all that’s needed is some quality time, in a beautiful environment with fulfilling conversation, which is what Little Black Table offers; without marked up food and wine, babysitter and taxi costs.

“I want to help couples make a night out a night in. I’m not a stylist, florist, therapist or chef. People don’t need to be any of these things to create a beautiful restaurant-like setting at home and enjoy great conversation,” she said.

Mr Vicars, who has appeared on Triple J and lists the AFL amongst his clients, said it is often considered ‘un-Australian’ for people to talk about their feelings, so many couples don’t know where to start – with women typically turning to friends, and men simply bottling their feelings.

“As a professional counsellor, I have seen many couples whose ability to communicate has completely broken down. A product like Little Black Table creates an opportunity to re-ignite the relationship in a safe and familiar environment,” Mr Vicars said.

“Little Black Table offers couples a starting point to build on their existing connection and work through any hurdles that may have arisen,” Mr Vicars said.

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