Make Christmas extra, extra special with this intriguing take on the Panforte

Cucina Classica have unveiled a Panforte with a unique twist to its recipe, featuring the mouth-watering combo of chocolate and fig.

Ahhhh the Panforte.

It’s the pretty integral element to a Christmas feast that often takes centre stage in the dessert group. With only a few more days to go before the big day, we may have found the most exciting new Panforte to enter the scene from Cucina Classica.

Cucina Classica have unveiled a Panforte with a unique twist to its recipe, featuring the mouth-watering combo of chocolate and fig.

To do our due diligence and to educate the fans of this dear dish, we have a bit of a historical insight into the Panforte.

The Panforte is said to have a medieval origin, specifically that it was invented in the 1200s by a novitiate nun, Suor Leta.

According to the legend, she discovered a mound of sugar, spices, and almonds at the bottom of the spice cabinet—mice had chewed holes in the bags, and the precious offerings made by pilgrims returning from the Holy Land were hopelessly mixed.

Instead of wasting the food the nun cooked everything on the fire, adding honey to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pot.

As the tale is told, the devil, shaped like a black cat, talked to the nun, asking her to taste the mixture, and she dumped the hot concoction on the cat to make it go away.

The heavenly aroma had overcome the devil’s stench, and what was left in the pot was enough to taste the mixture and realise what a delicious recipe she had come up with.

Oh, yeah.

This flat cake is not only beloved for defeating the devil, but also for its delicious taste.

The Cucina Classica Panforte is a dense, heavily spiced fruitcake that’s a heavenly mixture of honey, spices, candied fruit, and almonds. Made even more special with the addition of chocolate and fig, a combo we’re sure Nun Suor Leta would approve of.

Cucina Classica’s fresh tortes are individually decorated by skilled pastry chefs who apply their craft to each and every product.

That dedicated care is showcased in all of their products. That’s right, Cucina Classica offer more than just the Panforte.

Offering the classic Italian experience, Cucina Classica’s range includes ready meals, ready sauces now made from 100% Australian tomatoes, coffee beans and pods, gelati (a perfect treat that’ll transport you to Italian Piazzas, as you compensate for cancelled trips), and even freshly made bread. Try their 48-hour fermented sourdough for an authentic treat.

Cucina Classica pride themselves in quality, home-made food that brings a piece of Italy into your home.

You can find their products at independent supermarkets including Drakes, Foodland, and select Coles and Woolworths stores.

To find out more and stay in the loop, head to their website and follow them on socials @cucinaclassica.  

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