Start Cocktail-Weather Celebrations With Malobo’s New Fishbowls!

With a new outdoor bar, bakery for a quick coffee and croissant, or a sit-down meal in their restaurant, Malobo is serving up the goods for the warmer weather.

If you’ve been to Henley Square, you’re no doubt familiar with one of its most popular destinations.

Malobo opened two and a half years ago, and has quickly become a coastal hot spot, with a diverse menu, great cocktails, live acoustic tunes, and a great view of the sunset over the jetty.

With the weather warming up, you’re probably in the mood for a cocktail. Well, Malobo is the place to go with their new cocktail bowls! For only $50, you get plenty of fruity goodness (a good amount for 4 people) with each bowl serving up about 10-12 standard drinks.

Are you game? Better bring some friends to share this epic cocktail with!
The fresh watermelon juice cocktail is (of course) quite refreshing!

Malobo are also serving up lots of fresh fruit juice cocktails for summer, like watermelon juice with a shot of gin, or apple juice and a shot of vodka. They’re practically healthy (well, we’ll tell ourselves anything to justify another beachside session!)

We already loved the fit out in this fresh, new venue, which links in with sister business Hermanos Cubanos (Cuban sandwich bar next door) and Swedish Tarts across the road, but things just leveled up.

When Malobo launched back in early 2016, it was done in a mad rush to get the doors open while the warm weather was still able to be enjoyed in the Square, but the short timeline meant some of their ‘wish list’ didn’t come to fruition. 

Fast forward to September this year, and the team have dusted off their original plans, closed for three weeks and brought some of their dreams into reality. 

The doors have just reopened on Malobo and it’s set for Summer. 

The venue is now split into two sections. The Malobo Bakery at the front (Seaview Road side) and the Terrace Kitchen in the lower half, towards the sea. 

Sister company Swedish Tarts has a commercial bakery, which supplies all the baked goods to Malobo, the three Swedish Tarts locations including the new venue in Glenelg, and Hermanos Cubanos.

The bakery will now be able to showcase some of its goods in the Malobo Bakery, with a focus on easy takeaway options for people wanting to grab a bite to eat and a coffee. It also keeps that stream of traffic separate to the bar and restaurant which sits within the Terrace Kitchen, and alleviates some of the wait times that customers previously dealt with. 

You can sit in the bakery window and enjoy your coffee with a view

The Terrace Kitchen has been completely stripped out and redone, with new floors, ceilings and most importantly, new booths. There are plenty of great little areas to settle in for a long lunch, drinks with friends, and some tapas, and there’s now table service both inside and out so there’s no need to miss another sunset. 

Grab a booth and settle in
Enjoy the table service and a the new revamped menu

The high tables outside remain, but a new addition of an inside/outside bar means additional ease for customers wanting to grab a drink without having to go into the restaurant.

The famed coffee bowls are also still on the menu too just in case you were wondering. 

The actual food menu is a crowd pleaser, with plenty of options for the kids too. 

Director Mattis Vanzati says their goal is to serve up simple options for those wanting to head to the beach and not be overwhelmed with complicated dishes. “It’s about having broad appeal.”

As the weather warms up, the live acoustic music will also be making a return.

So whether you’re up for a quick croissant and coffee, a Sunday cocktail session with tasty bar food and sunsets, or a sit down dinner with Malobo’s new menu in the Terrace Kitchen, your options for this Summer just got a lot more appealing. 

Malobo is located at 257 Seaview Road, Henley Beach.

For more details hit up their website or call them on (08) 8353 2372.

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