Mariana Mezic Transporting Us To A Bold And Energetic World

With just a graphite pencil and watercolours, Adelaide-based artist, Mariana Mezic is transporting us into a crazy world filled with colour and energy at her second solo art exhibition.

In just two short years, Adelaide-based artist, Mariana Mezic has burst onto the scene with a never-ending supply of colour transporting us to a crazy and energetic world. With just a graphite pencil and watercolours, paintings that we could only ever dream of making ourselves, are drawn onto paper in a matter of hours.

On Wednesday, February 8th, Marianna Mezic will be opening her second solo Art Exhibition at the Flinders Medical Centre with Kate Ceberano kicking off the evening with her soulful tunes. Even though Mariana is feeling the nerves, she chatted with Glam about her upcoming exhibition, and let’s be honest, her tremendous talent.

Bold hyper-realistic faces surrounded by energetic scenarios are the feature of Mariana’s work. But, it’s the drive to push herself to be brave and build self-confidence that makes this Adelaide artist truly remarkable. To Mariana “being an artist is the confidence to put it out there.” While she admits to painting just for herself as a way of letting go and releasing her energy, she certainly does make an impact. “It’s purely me and my crazy brain on paper,” says Mariana.

Now, what you’re wanting to know is how on earth does she do it? Well, it’s as simple – and difficult – as to not overthink, and stay in the moment. After having her fourth child, the tight pencil drawings she was accustomed to weren’t fast enough for her hectic life, so she sped up the process and adopted an action painting style. You’re probably thinking there’s no way she could draw faces with so much detail that quickly! Well, she admits that part does require a bit of a thought process but, mostly Mariana draws the type of women she’s inspired by – “tough-eyed women not to be messed with.”

Mariana has faced many of life’s challenges, losing her father two years ago and more recently, her husband, the talented Adelaide-based photographer, Matthew Symonsa recovering alcoholic, experiencing a relapse. She talked about a piece she posted on her Instagram account that truly captured the anger she was feeling at the time. While she has had a few offers to buy the painting, she’d would never want to sell it, “it’s too angry.” Despite this, Mariana found pride in what she created. “As dark, as it was it showed the moment,” she says.

Creative expression is a way for her and Matt to be honest rather than hide. “In AA meetings there’s a stress of anonymity, secrecy and you don’t discuss it outside the group,” she says, but this is a way for them, to be honest, and show that while on social media everything looks sweet there are dark moments too.

Onto her upcoming Art Exhibition – we’re all wondering how she scored the spectacular Kate Ceberano to open the show? Well, after painting the magnificent portrait of Kate Ceberano for the Archibald prize, the two became great friends and she jumped on board. “Kate is an absolute legend and in spite of her fame and talent she goes out of her way to help people.”

Normally, Mariana strays away from showing off her paintings in exhibitions, but the work of Arching Hills at the Flinders Medical Centre inspired her to get involved. They’re big on music, art and art as therapy for the long-term patients staying at the Centre she says.

Tomorrow at her launch, you can expect a lot of colour and big bursts of energy straight from the heart and soul. But, where does Mariana want to go from here? “I hope for people to keep liking my work and I’d be very happy, but if not I’ll still be happy too.” We very much doubt that will ever happen, though.

Mariana Mezic Art Exhibition is kicking off the launch on the 8th at the Flinders Medical Centre at 5:30 pm and it will continue to be open for a squiz for the entire length of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. So, come along for a glass of vino, the sweet tunes from super babe Kate Ceberano and have a look at the stunning pieces on show. In the meantime, you can follow her work on Facebook and Instagram, which is filled with the bright and mesmerising creations you’ll be seeing tomorrow.

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