Marine Discovery Centre Fundraising For The Future

Tucked away in Henley Beach lies a gem in the education system, which is working hard to ensure Adelaide’s kids are taught a healthy respect towards marine conservation and sustainability.

Glam would like you to pretend for just one moment that you’re back in primary school. There’s a swing you’ve got your eye on for recess, your lunch is made but you might not eat it, and your teacher has a quick snap quiz for you before it’s your turn to feed the class rabbit.

Q: How many children do you think have visited the Henley Beach Marine Discovery Centre since it opened 19 years ago:

a) Hundreds
b) Tens Of Thousands
c) Thousands
d) I didn’t know it was there

A: Tens of thousands of children from all around the state have passed through the doors of the award-winning Centre during its 19 years of operations on the Star of the Sea school campus. As the only centre of its kind in the state, the role this organisation plays in imparting students with a healthy respect towards marine conservation and sustainability is something of increasing importance considering the unpredictable environmental future the coming generation will face.

Not only do the Henley Beach-based Star of the Sea students get to enjoy the amazing exhibits, activities and interactive games, thousands of students from other schools and community groups also visit the centre, ensuring they know there IS life outside of their iPads. Given its seaside location, it’s also a brilliant way to get the kids involved and understanding things they see every day, but maybe haven’t thought too deeply about before.

Ok, onto the next pop quiz question.
Q: Who do you think has helped keep the centre operating for so long? 

a) Public Funding
b) Volunteers
c) Magic

A: Their work is all made possible through incalculable volunteer hours, which have delivered numerous interactive education models nationally, community signage on our coastal environment and recent incorporation of Indigenous knowledge into training sessions for volunteers.

But without question the most important factor has been public funding and it’s heartwarming to see the community continually step up and support the work of the centre.

Glam sponsors a fish through the Centre and in order to support Goldilocks (yes, that’s her name) preference for gourmet pellets over fish flakes and the outstanding work of the Centre, we are looking forward to joining their upcoming fundraiser at Caffe Paparazzi in Unley who have generously donated their venue and function catering for the event. Raffles, entertainment and an auction will all raise money in support of developing new displays and interactive models for the centre, helping to preserve the magic of excursion day for thousands more children around the state for years to come. If you or your business would like to donate to the centre, or donate something for the upcoming fundraiser, contact the Centre on 8115 7402 or email.

Businesses who have already donated products for the upcoming fundraiser include Caffe Paparazzi (as mentioned above), Planet Safe Energy (with a fully installed solar system), Estia at Henley Square (with a dinner voucher), Vittoria Coffee (with coffee machines and capsules), Chris Daniels books, with plenty more to be revealed on the night.


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