April 2024

Marion Coastal Walkway unveils Grey Gully suspension bridge

The Marion Coastal Walkway has unveiled an exciting new development, with the construction of the first suspension bridge at Grey Gully.

The Marion Coastal Walkway has unveiled an exciting new development following months of extensive work, with the construction of the first suspension bridge at Grey Gully.

Located within the Marion Coast Park, the Coastal Walkway is a scenic gem along SA’s coastline, stretching over 7.2km from Marino in the north, to the Hallett Cove Headland Reserve at Hallett Cove in the south, and serves as a popular pathway for both locals and tourists.

Now, with the construction of the Grey Gully suspension bridge, walkers have the opportunity to explore new heights and traverse the terrain in an exciting and exhilarating way.

The installation process for the bridge commenced last week, marking a significant milestone in the project’s timeline. After months spent underground preparing the bridge footings, bridge portals and platform landings were transported and installed, before the remaining segments were positioned using a crane.

While the Grey Gully bridge itself is now in place, final touches are still being applied before it can officially open. The surrounding area remains as a construction site for safety of the public.

Attention is already shifting towards the next phase of the project: the construction of the Kurnabinna Bridge, scheduled to commence next week.

Once both bridges are fully operational, efforts will focus on connecting the surrounding boardwalk paths, creating a seamless and accessible trail for all to enjoy.

With the project slated for completion mid-2024, it won’t be long before eager coastal walkers can explore the full length of the revamped walkway.

The Marion Coastal Walkway offers a wonderful opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts, walkers, joggers, and cyclists to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy breathtaking coastal views, and experience the beauty of SA’s coastline. The Grey Gully and Kurnabinna Bridges are sure to further enhance this experience, providing locals and tourists alike with a memorable walking experience.

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