Marion Holiday Park To Be Used To Care For COVID-19 Patients & Self-Isolation

The Marion Holiday Park is being is being made available for vulnerable South Australians, who are diagnosed with COVID-19, or self-isolating.

South Australia’s Minister for Health Stephen Wade, has announced this morning, that Flinders Medical Centre, Hospital in the Home nurses and consultants, will now be able to care for patients in a family friendly environment.

The Marion Holiday Park is being is being made available for vulnerable South Australians effective immediately, which will allow the Flinders Medical Centre to reduce number of patients in hospitals to free up beds.

Those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or those needing self-isolation, will be able to be housed at the holiday park, which will provide access to their 60 units. Each unit has its own bathroom and kitchen, which will help ensure stringent infection control.

Currently the Hospital in Home program only allows for around 30-40 patients to be visited in their homes by nurses, but at somewhere like Marion holiday park, they can visit 200 or more. There will also be nurses there all the time.

Due to the location, they’ll also be able to have rapid access to care. This is a win win situation. It will support local jobs, ease the pressure on emergency departments, and provide care for patients.

Other similar options and locations are also being considered.

This new location will also help with the challenge of having parent and child pairs who are positive, and need to isolate from from negative family members.

It will also assist in situations like group houses, where someone self-isolating has previously had to stay in their room, and can now have another accommodation option.

More to come.


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