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Your Look Into Mary’s Poppin’s Move And MAJOR Upsize

Going from fitting a healthy 150 patrons, Mary’s Poppin will now host up to 400.

Adelaide’s premiere LGBTQI-friendly bar, Mary’s Poppin is moving downstairs to the former Hacíenda location. The move might be short in distance but the scale is major.

Going from fitting a healthy 150 patrons, Mary’s will now host up to 400.

Owner Stephen Craddock tells us that the expansion isn’t going to change the essence of Mary’s.

“We’re trying to get it as close as possible. Everything is going to be bright pink just more fabulous and more shiny,” Stephen says.

“It’s a tricky place because it’s so big so it’s important to us to make it comfortable and warmer.”

“It’s not going to feel vacuous because we’ll have new booths, two bars, new toilets and an outdoor smoking deck so people won’t have to go to the street to smoke.”

If it’s a quiet night, the balcony will be shut.

Not that it has ever been a worry as Mary’s queue of keen partygoers has always been a constant. Except now your chances of going in are going to be better.

“It’s an amazing problem to have – even when Mary’s first opened, there were lines.”

To Stephen, the major move is not just a sign of Mary’s popularity but a sign of how inclusive Adelaide is becoming.

“It’s daunting to go three times the size in a few short weeks but it’s a good thing for the broader community, people want way more self expression and are way more open to it.”

“It’s important to keep it a very safe space, with heaps of security. Making sure our cocktails are great.”

Right now, Mary’s juggles nine shows, every Friday and Saturday but the bigger stage means that much larger productions will also roll through.

“We’ll reach out to bigger acts, more mainstream acts too, we’d love to get Ricki-Lee in.”

The drag scene is evidently thriving and the big Australian divas that frequent Mary’s will be looking forward to RuPaul’s Drag Race heading to Australia in 2020.

In the meantime, if Mary’s is your haunt, expect more space to dance, less queues and a cracking lineup of acts coming through the doors including Monet x Change, Ms Cracker and Karen From Finance.

The full move is slated for completion in the first weekend of October, which is coincidently a long weekend.

Mary’s Poppin is located at Synagogue Place, Adelaide, SA.

More information at

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