Massive​ ​Blanket​ ​Fort​ ​Coming​ ​To​ ​Victoria Square

It’s like a childhood dream come true with an incredible cause behind it.

This city has been clinging to winter like month old blue tack to a rental property wall. We’d just love Adelaide to make like Frozen and “let it go”. After all, it’s almost September for goodness sake and we have things (other than the Footy Finals) to do…

Like a Blanket Fort City in Victoria Square. Yep, you’ve heard me right ladies and gentlemen.

In conjunction with the Hutt Street Centre and Splash Adelaide, Fort Dreamland will make it’s debut on Friday 15 September bringing artistic whimsy, warmth, pillows and beer to Victoria Square.

The crew have sourced a HUGE number of blankets and pillows which will be donated to the Hutt Street Centre after the event, while live music from the likes of Nina McCann (She’s The Band), Jason Katsaras (Burnside Mums) will be paired perfectly with Hawkers Beer from the adorably named Pillow Bar.

Match that with markets, Signor ArrosticiniSlo Moe’sCoffee & CrepesSookii La La Street Food, comedy, magic, all the things – for FREE entry from 4.30pm. This is sounding pretty good.

And yes, you can wear your pyjamas to this one to make just like your lounge room at home but if you like but if you usually sleep in the buff probably best you make a quick trip to Kmart for a set of cheap PJs than try that on at a public event.
Also, because why not, here’s a link to that episode of Community where the entire campus becomes divided into 3 separate blanket fort cities for an impending pillow war –
When was the last time you enjoyed a blanket fort shindig in the middle of the city… never? That’s what we thought. 

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