Masterchef Is Returning And George Calombaris Gave Us The Lowdown

The competitive cooking show is back and fresher than ever! Glam Adelaide had a chat to judge, George Calombaris, about what to expect in 2018.

Here at Glam Adelaide we’re nuts about food, so you butter, er, better believe we’re excited about the new season of MasterChef! The competitive cooking show is back and fresher than ever!

We were lucky enough to have a chat with (master)chef and judge, George Calombaris, to learn a little more about what to expect this season.

Although Network Ten have been boasting a season of surprises, you’ll be happy to know the show still fits like a pair of your favourite, comfy jeans—“It makes you happy,” says George. At the heart of it, that’s what MasterChef is about and it’s one of the reasons why George and the other judges love coming back each year.


However, George also highlights that there will be a lot of “bloody awesome” things happening this season that set it apart from the rest. Fans will be excited to welcome back favourite celebrity judges like Nigella Lawson, but MasterChef also turns up the heat in the kitchen by hosting fiery chef, Gordon Ramsey. This year contestants will also get the chance to cook for Prince Charles!

According to George, one of the best parts of this season is the emphasis on Australia. He mentions the show travels around the country, showing off places from South Australia’s beloved Barossa all the way to exploring Katherine up in the Northern Territory. It’s one way to show off the hidden gems of Australia to those watching from other countries, but it also reminds the locals to get out and enjoy our gorgeous homeland. “It’s in their backyard,” George says, “but they never go there.” Hopefully this season will encourage Australians to get on out there!

There is also a line up of fabulous contestants (you’ll have to watch to meet them!), but George says they’re a great bunch, bringing their unique stories, authenticity, and crazy cool skills to the table. We’ll get to see someone make rice paper and fairy floss from scratch! (Don’t those only come from packets?!)

We also took the chance to ask George about some of his favourite places in Adelaide! If you can’t wait for the new season of MasterChef to start, we suggest visiting these George-approved restaurants and bars to keep you entertained until it arrives.

If fine dining is your style, George praises what renowned chef Jock Zonfrillo is doing with his high-end restaurant, Orana, which means welcome in some Aboriginal languages. But if you’re looking for something a little different, check out Parwana for one of the tastiest eggplant dishes George has ever had, Sunny’s Pizza + Bar for a chill vibe and delicious pizza, or climb on up to the top of 2KW—the view’s as sparkly as their drinks.

Think you’ve tried it all in the Barossa? Then make like George and take a trip to fermentAsian in Tunanda, which brings a Southeastern Asian twist to our lovely wine region.


“[Adelaide] ain’t the city of churches,” says George, and we might have to agree: it’s the city of delish!

You can catch George, Gary, and Matt kicking off the exciting tenth season of MasterChef next Monday, 7th May at 7:30 on Network Ten.

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